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GMM-5 Gross Things to Make Hurl on Good Mythical Morning with Rhett and Link

So, here I was the other day digging deeply into one of my favorite Youtubers: Rhett and Link on Good Mythical Morning, and thinking, man, these dudes eat some nasty s***.  Literally.

For those not familiar with the show, Rhett can really chew and push down concoctions that most of us wouldn’t ever conceive of, but poor Link has a stomach that’s, well, a bit weaker.  Though, in all fairness, Link has eaten some things that this author wouldn’t even fathom munching on.  There’d have to be some serious money involved :)

But nonetheless, I thought I would put together a list that totally grosses me out…and hopefully you too!

WARNING: if you have a weak stomach or don’t like really gross being consumed, don’t read any further, and go here to watch Frozen.



Title: Will it Pizza? – Taste Test

Check out the video at 10:47 for the worse possible pizza ever.  Think pigs brain, congealed pig’s blood, and head cheese (mashed together bits of cow’s brain).

The video overall feature some interesting pizzas like a condiment and gumball pie.  But, I’m telling you, the pig pizza was enough to make me gag while safely behind my keyboard.



Title: Will it Donut? – Taste Test

On this episode of GMM, the last of season 6, Rhett and Link enjoyed a bunch of special donuts.

8:44 of this clip is really, really awful.  Freaking shaving cream donuts.  Just not something anyone should be doing…I often wonder if their parents watch these videos.

At least they pointed out that shaving cream is not edible – so do DO NOT try at home kids! – and both spit it out before swallowing.  I guess their parents should be proud…



Title: Will it Donut? – Taste Test

I couldn’t help but put the very next donut creation into this list.  Guys.  Wow.  You ate charcoal donuts.  Pure carbon.  Yuck.

Now, the thing that got me is that they not only didn’t hurl or gag, but they actually LIKED it!  “It tastes like powdered donuts,” they said.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of all things carbon – diamonds, graphite and bucky-balls, however, I draw the line using it as a topping on such a wonderful creation such as fried dough.



Title: Eating a Scorpion – Bug War Challenge

Back in March of 2014, Rhett and Link decided it was a good idea to play the card game of “War” with the special twist of the loser having to eat bugs.

This whole episode is filled with chopping down all sorts of creepy crawly creatures.  I don’t know where to even begin.  I think that I can eat them if they are ground up to flour but otherwise, popping a full bug into my mouth and making that first crunch is waaaay too much for me.


Title: Eating Horse Doo Doo

Talk about eating s***.  They ate s***.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, this was from Good Mythical MORE and not from Good Mythical Morning, but come on folks, they ate poo.  In fact, they pulled the crew in for a team feast of dung.

Poo passed around for all.  Yummy.  Not.

Click below to watch the festivities.

If you made it through this list, congratulations.  It was an intense experience for everyone.

We barely even scratched the surface of the yucky things Rhett and Link have eaten on Good Mythical Morning.  They are a great channel to subscribe to, so definitely check them out!

Let us know your grossest favorites in the comments below!


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