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GMM's Weirdest Things Found in Toilets - Rhett and Link on Good Mythical Morning
Toilets are truly a mess!

GMM’s Weirdest Things Found in Toilets

In “Weirdest Things Found in Toilets” from Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link find some really gnarly and quite interesting “things” in toilets around the world.

For anyone without the time to watch this latest video, posted a mere 8 hours ago, or stuck on some crappy Wi-Fi and can’t stream, let me be the one to take you through this epic episode of toilet humor!

We start out first with a gent named Christian Lusardi (I think I’m spelling that right…) who has taken it upon himself to discard a few dollars worth of fake poker chips in Harrah’s Casino down in Atlantic City.

And, by a few dollars, I mean a few million dollars.  This dude decided that he game was up (no pun intended) of a real poker tournament so he tried to get rid of the evidence once and for all.  The problem is that you can’t really do that without causing some serious plumbing issues and thus unwanted attention.  Trying to get rid of $2.7M of counterfeit chips is apparently not quite up to this guy’s capabilities.

When they nabbed Lusardi, they had to cancel the poker tournament he was in.  Apparently, he lost almost $800,00 worth of fake chips!

Next up is a squirrel that got stuck, got a bath and then got social…well, kinda.  @toiletsquirrel is a real address on Twitter, though there have only been limited tweets.  This particular little mammal found himself (or herself) desperately scrambling to get out of the commode. With little success, the nice owner of the home picked up the vermin with tongs and gave him (or her!) a bath.

Not satisfied with just a clean squirrel, the nice lady opened up a Twitter account and the rest is history.

Not to be outdone, the following bit showed how a cute puppy can get accidentally flushed and then SURVIVE a long poop filled slide underground until he was rescued by an emergency plumber.

Definitely do not try this one at home, kiddies.

The puppy was being washed by the owner’s twin (and evil!) brother when, somehow someway, it got the big old flush.  Fortunately, the dog made it through unharmed and the grateful owners named the dog Dyno Rod after the company that saved the little canine.

GMM's Weirdest Things Found in Toilets - Rhett and Link on Good Mythical Morning

The poopy puppy!

Finally, to end on the most perfect (brown) note…this last story involves a man getting naked and then getting stuck in port-a-potty.  Not the stuff to be proud of.  Even the police weren’t exactly proud that this was their first – and hopefully last – rescue out of the stinkiest place someone could end up.

The local news caught it on tape and they even got an interview with him.  Go ahead and watch the full video to get a true understand of this man.  Quite the character.

He may ultimately spawn a new Internet meme for “Vandalism of Spotify”…whatever the heck that means.

The episode closes with the Wheel of Mythicality being introduced by a couple of boys from over the pond in jolly old England.

I’ll leave you to find out where the WoM ends up…that’s always a tasty treat at the end of the show.  This one is funny too :)

I’ve also tossed together a quick gallery of our lovely characters, check it out here.


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