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Smosh Naked Yoga
Naked yoga and leaked trailers!

Smosh’s Naked Yoga (BTS)

I must admit that when I first saw this upload from Smosh, I wasn’t sure if it was safe for work.  Naked Yoga (BTS) is relatively tame but like most of Ian Hecox’s and Anthony Padilla’s material, it probably is best not to look at too much while doing a 9-to-5 gig.

Yours truly, Moonshine, does not have to worry about Big Brother watching over my shoulder so luckily I’m able to bring you the best from this week’s Behind-the-Scenes video.

Firstly, we come to find out that the video isn’t all about Naked Yoga.  Specifically, and kinda of disappointedly, it features mostly fully clothed characters going through the Avengers leaked trailer, also a great little diddy from Smosh.

We get to see takes that include Spiderman, Iron Man and Flash (at least I think it’s Flash) and a weird bald Russian dude with a terrible accent.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t see Avengers: Age of Ultron or any of the Avengers series, so I’m limited in my reference matter…please bare with me!

Secondly, we find out something that you cannot ever not unfind out…Noah has very small nipples.  Noah Grossman, is one of Smosh’s entourage, reveals his slender shape and pea-sized manipples.  Poor dude even gets the world’s smallest purple nurple.

The one thing that could make this video a dangerous drinking game is how many times a toilet is featured in each scene.  Oh man…something about toilets today.  I just penned a GMM article on getting stick in them!

Anyway, while there are many porcelain gods in the video, each one is pretty friggin’ funny.  I do love my daily dose of bathroom humor and Smosh delivers in spades.  Robert Downey, Jr. informs us of his IBS, though he’s not quite sure what it stands for.

We do also get treated to many pixelated moments throughout.  I’m glad everyone is covered in undies but if you’re into almost-there views of people’s junks, then you’ll find a treasure trove of pause material.

Here is where you’ll find the mythical Naked Yoga.  It’s got something for each gender.

Probably the best LOL moment is finding new uses for the Smash Hulk hands.  Not something you’d think about doing if you were in front of your mom, so beware of who is behind you while watching!

I really like the original Avengers: Age of Ultron LEAKED FOOTAGE from Smosh.  And, judging by the 1.7M views to date, many others liked it too.  This BTS is spot on in humor and giving us a peek into some of the imperfections of shooting video.

At the end of each Smosh video, they include extras like BTS and I find if I like the video, getting an extra hit of Ian and Anthony usually is a good investment of my time.

My recommendation is to check out the original video before watching this Behind-the-Scenes.

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Got a favorite Avenger?  Tell us why they kick major butt in the comments below!

And, since you are clicking like crazy, here’s a link to the Smosh’s Naked Yoga gallery.

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