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Follow CaptainSparklez on Twitter!
Follow CaptainSparklez on Twitter!

5 things I learned following YouTube superstar CaptainSparklez on Twitter

For those who are not familiar with CaptainSparklez, his YouTube channel – also named CaptainSparklez – has over 8.5 million subscribers who adore his work and him very hard.  As one of those millions of subscribers, I normally get my daily Sparklez Fix through his YouTube videos but at some point, I felt like it was not enough.  I needed more CaptainSparklez and I found it on Twitter.

Currently, with a bit over million folks listening to his tweets, if you feel the way I do about him, you should follow him on Twitter already.  Here are five things I learned from following Sparklez Tweets.


1.     He is a family guy (and we love you for it CaptainSparklez!):

“Just a reminder I’m not gonna be streaming today because family lunch hangout thing but I’ll be back tomorrow :O” (4/4/2015 10:54)

“Also no stream on Saturday due to attending my Grandma’s 95th bday party. Sorry I revealed your age, grandma, you don’t look a day over 50.” (3/26/2015 23:12)

Seriously, how ridiculously cute is that?!  He is not only going to his grandma’s birthday party but he is so sweet about it!


2.     He is full of fascinating (though bit random) thoughts.  And, he is not afraid to share them:

“If humans are 60% water, when you take a bath, are you bathing in 60% human?” (3/30/2015 18:16)

“Jail and prison are synonyms, but jailer and prisoner are opposites. Significant Sunday morning observations.” (3/15/2015 9:41)

“YouTube needs to create an “I liked the video but I’m sorry about the events contained within” button.” (2/16/2015 10:06)

“Facebook too – “My grandmother just died” *Clicks like* HEY I REALLY LIKE THAT YOU LOST A FAMILY MEMBER HAPPY TIMES!” (2/16/2015 10:11)

“If someone tells you they don’t think you can do something, prove them wrong. Unless that someone is the police. Probably listen to them.” (1/6/2015 19:38)


3.     Despite his uber Youtuber status, he is still an ‘everyman’:

“Longest grocery store checkout line in history omg pls” instagram.com/p/0otCzyEEL9/ (3/24/2015 20:42)

“Time for a haircut” instagram.com/p/0nhfackEGN/ (3/24/2015 9:42)

“Haircut acquired” instagram.com/p/0np6p0EEDd/ (3/24/2015 10:56)

“I love it when I get a bug bite on my face” (3/1/2015 11:36)

“I just killed the mosquito that I assume sucked on my face earlier. Git rekt scrub.” (3/1/2015 21:14)

“I haven’t showered this year” (1/1/2015 13:44)


4.     He displays a strong interest in toilet related topics:

“I’m so used to the automatic toilets in my house that I just spent 2 seconds standing in front of my hotel toilet waiting for it to open.” (2/2/2015 18:35)

“You never think about the delight of a heated toilet seat until you sit on one when it is cold and you’re like dang my booty is warm.” (1/11/2015 10:04)

“@Charmin please send help my generic toilet paper is giving me a #hardbuttlife” (3/3/2015 11:19)

Please note that this tweet was actually heard by Charmin and reply was received shortly after.

“@CaptainSparklez We are working on it!!!! Hang on.. we will change it to#SoftButtLife soon!!! #tweetfromtheseat” (11:22 AM – 3 Mar 2015)


5.     Last but not least, #Sparklezsexscadal!!!

“#SparklezSexScandal totally” (2/1/2015 13:31)

I KNOW, RIGHT?!?  Then, he explained it and it wasn’t as tantalizing as hashtag promised…

“@KEEMSTARx @IIJERiiCHOII @OMGitsfirefoxx o deer yes it’s a joke it’s tom being tom” (2/1/2015 16:37)

Turns out, it was some sort of prank done by Tom Syndicate to see if he could make it into the worldwide trend.  Needless to say, it was a success and by the end of the same day, #Sparklezsexscandal became one of the biggest worldwide trends.  Now, if that alone is not impressive enough, please remember that we had the Super Bowl 2015 on the same day, and I think there was some sort of Harry Styles stuff going on around the web at the same time.  So, yeah.


Do you follow CaptainSparklez on Twitter too?  You should!

What is your favorite Sparklez Tweet? Tell me in the comments below.


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