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GMM Ice cream cone party hat
It's party time with GMM's Rhett and Link!

GMM’s Ice Cream Cone Party Hat – Rhett and Link on Good Mythical Morning

Party time on Thursday!  Today’s Good Mythical Morning from Rhett and Link covers off on reader mail, as they do every week.  This week’s GMM Ice Cream Cone Party Hat episode takes us through party survival tips.

They get tremendous satisfaction from educating the masses and today is no exception!

We lead off with a question from a fan asking for advice should he (or she!) forget the all important party hat.  After all, what kind of party would it be without a hat that says, “party”.

With a drill-like hat to illustrate what a true party hat looks like, the comedic duo banter back and forth about the efficacy of such an adornment.  (I’m starting to sound like Dr Laserfalcon with such language…)

Link ultimately grabs aluminum foil and McGyver’s a hat to stick on Rhett’s head.  It’s not too fashionable but at least it’s customizable.  You can really make any kind of hat you’d like with this one!  I’m starting to get some ideas for yours truly…

Next up is the tried and true lamp shade.  While it’s the world’s symbol for a party hat, I can’t ever recall putting one of these on my head and feeling secure enough to get down and party.  Nonetheless, it does balance nicely on Rhett’s head and his Mason inspired hat does the trick.

Not sure why Rhett gets the full focus today, but Link puts a traffic cone, a Bugle (one of the best snacks out there!!), and finally a waffle cone with ice cream!

I gotta say that the ice cream cone stayed in place and probably looked the best as an improvised party hat.  With the little problem of dripping, melting ice cream – not to mention the cold spot on your head – I’d be up for this one, but only at a kid’s party…

Poor Rhett had a big old cream spot on his head the rest of the show.  I guess it’s a tough gig being a big time Youtuber.

The next reader question is about escaping a party you don’t want to be at.

This one is a little out there because I really don’t think any will ultimately works.  Sorry, guys.  You know I’m a huge fan but these fell a bit flat for me.

Speaking of flat, Link has dared the masses to add that he uses a flatiron on his hair.  Let’s see if we can get that into his Wikia page!

The hit of the show is the final question around being a wallflower at a party.

What’s the best way to not be a wallflower?  Link is quick with searching Google for the best tips and tricks.  He came across a WikiHow page with plenty of info and pictures.  It’s called How to be Social at a Party and it’s worth a read!

The easy thing would have been to read them off but these guy’s comedic delivery is showing the funny Japanese anime styled images without captions.

These are great!!  You have to watch their video or check out our gallery on this GMM show here.  Pretty funny stuff, especially stealing your party host’s canned goods :)

They wrap up with the Wheel of Mythicality being introduced by a Texas transplant living in Ohio.

And, what does the WoM land on?  You’ll have to watch below in order to find out!

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