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Good Mythical Morning- 10 things I wish I could do with GMM’s Rhett and Link

Ladies and gents, peeps and squeaks…boy, do I have a great list for you today!

Everyone should know by now how awesome Rhett and Link are from Good Mythical Morning.  GMM has set a standard in Youtuber quality and production continues to improve.

This duo is a pair that has embraced corporate sponsorship like Toyota Camry.  I applaud them for making a living in this cutthroat world.  For any young Youtubers out there, getting these types of sponsorships can pay way more than ads!

Today’s list are things that I would love to do with Rhett and Link on their show.  They’ve done some gross things like in my recent article but they’ve done some really cool things, as well.

These guys always come across as genuine and authentic so I can only imagine how fun it would be to hang with them outside of the show.  The top 10 list below are the ones that I wish I had been there doing side by side with them.

And, to Rhett and Link on Twitter: how about you bring me on the show for a Good Mythical Moonshine??!!!

Let’s dive in!


10. Redneck Theme Park

I gotta say that this one just barely made my top 10 list.  Sorry boys, this episode as a whole wasn’t exactly my favorite.  In this one, Rhett and Link roleplay as country western entertainers/business owners.  They speculate what their ideal theme park, restaurant, and such would be like.  Kinda bad accents with a few too many rambling parts…like the Grand Ole Opry.

Since I didn’t like it too much, I’m sure you’re wondering why it made it to the list.

It only came down to Rhett’s chosen fake name on the show: Red Rabbitclaw Moonshine.

Another fellow Moonshine!  We’re probably not related, especially since they are our fake names, though I totally would have fist bumped him at that moment.

Aside from that little blurb in the beginning of the episode, you may want to jump right into #9 in our countdown.


9. Eating A Spinning Taco

We start out talking through Tacospin.com at the 5:35 mark and then delve into the main course: Tacos and drills…what could go wrong?  Or, rather, why wouldn’t you try this at home??  My dream would have been to do this with the boys of GMM.  Looks fun and looks delicious.

I know my mother would not approve – hell, there aren’t too many mothers that would – so that has to make it a thing to do…kiddies, make sure you don’t get your hair or tongue to close to the drill!

Frankly, this opens the door to all sorts of spinning delights.  I’d imagine certain foods are better than others…time to experiment kids!

If you do check this out, you should use the Will It Taco? – Taste Test as an appetizer :)


8. 2 Guys 600 Pillows (Backwards) – Rhett & Link

Wow, does this look like a ton of fun!  Definitely a must watch video from Rhett and Link on their channel.  I know this isn’t GMM’s channel but you can’t go wrong with this one.  Count me in if they ever do a remake!  I’d love to do this with them.

It’s another savvy sponsored video with Sleepbetter.org but it’s so well done that it’s not an issue at all.  These guys are definitely smart when it comes to marketing.

I can only imagine the time, rehearsal and editing that goes into something like this.  I showed this to my grandma and she even thought it would be cool to jump in a pile of 600 pillows.  Though, she’s not as old as CaptianSparklez’s grandma as Princess Fangirl point out in her article [insert PFG article on why we love CS].

Click and watch!


7. Epic Gun Battle – Rhett & Link

Now, half of this I don’t really want to do myself.  For example, getting shot in the face over and over again by Nerf darts and cannon balls.  I’d rather pass on that.  Poor Rhett gotta a major smackdown that drew blood.

What I’d REALLY want to do is be the dude shooting!  Wouldn’t it be great to have target practice but avoid being a target yourself ;)

It’s funny video worth a watch no matter what.  I know Princess Fangirl [link to her bio] had tears rolling down her cheeks halfway through!


6. 500 Bouncy Balls (Slo-Mo) – 3:00 mark

This is a super quick clip.  To celebrate the 500th episode, GMM did a show on doing “500 of something”.  The video has lots of what we’ve come to expect from Rhett and Link but the standout part is the bouncy balls!

Seriously, five freakin’ hundred bouncy ball bouncing down stairs.  Awesome.

They even did a nice slide on down the stairs as a little bonus.

Next time you do that guys, PLEASE PLEASE call me!


5. Introducing the Big Mac & Cheese

I’m a fan of eating.  Anyone that has dined with me knows that if you aren’t finishing something, I’ll probably ask you for it.  Why waste, right?

Well, I’m not sure if anyone would ever have leftovers with this delightful, delectable, delicious dining dish known as the Big Mac & Cheese.  I would have flown my @ss out to their studios if I had known ahead of time that they would be filming this.  If only McDonald’s would drop the McRib and focus on this treat!

I’d even hang out after the show and hope for some scraps on Good Mythical More.

Yummy, yummy, yummy!!


4. How to Spend a Million Dollars

I must say that a million dollars doesn’t seem like that much these days.  I think once the Facebook biopic, The Social Network, came out with the famous line about being cool when you’re a billionaire put things into perspective for many people.

With that said, I’d still like a million bucks!  Dreaming about what to do with newly found money would be a fun thing to chat with Rhett and Link about.  Lots of speculative talk on luxury goods and fine things in life but I’d definitely take that money and invest wisely.  I’m a sucker for practicality but a happy camper to talk about buying a bunch of useless sh*t.

Take a moment and dream along by watching our #4 on the list.


3. 8 Weird Ways To Open A Bottle

If you are a dude, you HAVE to watch this episode.  You owe it to yourself.

There are so many cool ways to open a bottle…well, technically 8 cool ways…but still a lot, that you can be known as the MacGyver of any party.  Ladies will swoon to you and men will want to be you.

This author has found himself on more than one occasion missing an almighty, all powerful bottle opener.  After watching this video from Rhett and Link, I’m set for no matter what life throws in front of me.


2. The Toilet Restaurant

I had heard rumors about a place like this, though I didn’t ever investigate it too much.  GMM has opened my eyes to new dining experiences.

In our first loser spot, The Toilet Restaurant, draws my eye and desire.  If only, I could have had a seat at the throne with Rhett and Link.

The restaurant was a bit underwhelming.  I guess the only real reason to visit is to say that you did it.  I’m sure that they won’t be back so I may have to only dream about eating there with the guys.


1. Locked in a Sensory Deprivation Tank

On the very top of my list of things that I wish I could have done on Good Mythical Morning, is jumping into a deprivation tank for an hour.

For those that don’t know about sensory deprivation tanks, these are effectively dark boxes where your sight, smell, and hearing are blocked for some period of time.  Lots of people use them but I also thought they were a kooky fad, or bogus therapy.

This is another thing that I’ve heard about over the years, though never tried.  I must say that after watching the episode, I’d LOVE to do it.  The reactions, expressions and conversation after they’ve been submerged in the tank for 60 minutes is priceless.  I don’t know about learn term health but to be locked away for a bit, especially knowing that I’ll be free, is something I’m at least willing to try.

You may not need to watch the video but I’d suggest trying to find a sensory deprivation facility near you and try it – I know I’m going to!


That rounds out my top 10 list of things I’d wish I could have done with Rhett and Link.

And, if by some weird chance, Rhett and/or Link are reading my humble article, give me a holla’ and maybe we can relive one of these favorites of mine on your show!  I’ll pay my own travel too :)  I’m also open to just spin the Wheel of Mythicality.

There are a ton more videos from all their seasons and channels so I’d love to hear what y’all think would be the coolest show to hang with GMM.

Don’t forget to check out their channel and subscribe to keep up with the latest from our favorite North Carolina comedy team!

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