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5 Reasons why I love following YouTube superstar, Daniel Middleton – TheDiamondMinecart – on Instagram

Before I start discuss uber Youtuber Dan TDM and his adorable Instagram pictures, I would like to clarify a few things in regards to his name(s):

  • He is most well known as TheDiamondMinecart (or DanTDM) by his fans.  However, according to Google Adwords, more people search for him as The Diamond Minecart – spaces in between – (135,000/avg. monthly to be exact..) compared to the correct name, TheDiamondMinecart  -without spaces in between.  (90,500/avg. monthly)

For those who are not familiar with DanTDM, he is a popular Youtuber with over 5.5 million subscribers for his channel, TheDiamondMinecart.  His channel is well known for kid friendly Minecraft content, as well as, a couple other games and vlog content.  In fact, he recently won the 2015 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award as the UK Favorite Tipster.

DanTDM voted UK Favorite Tipster!


Now that we have all the niceties out of the way, without further ado, here are 5 reasons why I love following DanTDM on his Instagram.  See what I mean with the screenshots and quotes below.


1. Oodles of stuff that I get to ogle.

Yup.  I said it.  I am not ashamed to say that I love to gawk at all the cool stuff and adoration that TDM gets from his fans (and companies that love that he has a mighty fan base).  Nice to be famous and well loved, eh?  Here are some examples.

More cool stuff for DanTDM

“Thank you for all of these amazing gifts!! Video of them coming soon! 😁” (9 months ago)


more fan adoration for DanTDM

“I think I have some fan mail to open! :o” (13 months ago)


More free stuff for DanTDM

“Thanks for the Tsum Tsum package Disney/Maker!! 😁” (1 week ago)


TheDiamondMinecart's piles goodies and love

“All of the gifts anMd fan art you guys have me at Insomnia!! You are all the best 😁<3” (5 days ago)


2. Cool swag!  Want them!

Dan has some cool t-shirts, hats and mugs that I can totally see myself rocking in.  Here are some examples, and I marked items I liked for your viewing convenience (and in case Santa is reading this!).

DanTDM's cool swag1

”Rocking the Gengar jumper today 👻” (4 months ago)


DanTDM's cool mug shot

“Find out more about this in tomorrow’s MoreTDM video!! 🍪” (2 months ago)


DanTDM's cool beanie

“One of the best things about Christmas ending..! 🐣” (3 months ago)


DanTDM's cool mug shot2

“Perfect morning start.. 💎” (4 months ago)


DanTDM awesome hoodie

“Jem surprised me with this awesome Pokemon hoodie from Insomnia 😎” (4 days ago)


DanTDM's cool swag2

“Yesterday was Gengar, today is Snorlax 😏” (4 motnhs ago)


3. Mr. and Mrs. TheDiamondMinecart

TDM is happily married to Jemma Middleton (aka JemPlaysMC) and they make such a super cute couple.  Here are some of my favorite them together.

DanTDM and JemPlaysMC

“Night out ☺️” (3 months ago)


DanTDM wedding photo

“Find out more about this in tomorrow’s MoreTDM video!! 🍪” (2 months ago)


DanTDM and JemPlaysMC in Minecraft skin

“High Five!” (15 months ago)


4. DanTDM’s Goofy Selfies

Yeah, let’s not pretend that we haven’t noticed that TDM is a handsome looking fella and all.  However, once in a while you find some awkward and goofy photos of TDM that make you love him even more.

danTDM goofy selfie

“Errrrr.. 👽” (2 months ago)


DanTDM's goofy selfie 2

“Tired after a busy few days of moving house :)” (916 months ago)


DanTDM's goofy selfie3

Changed my hairstyle.. ✂️” (3 months ago)


DanTDM's goofy selfie 4

“Errrrrmmm.. ” (5 months ago)


5. Last, but seriously not least, are Pug babies!

TDM and JemPlaysMC lives with two Pugs, Ellie and Darcie.  Not only are they super cute, the tender moments between this Pug Daddy and his Pug babies are totally worthy of your time.

DanTDM pugs

“Thug Life.. 👊” (2 months ago)


DanTDM and his pugs

“Can just about fit this in for #LoveYourPetDay ☺️” (2 months ago)


DanTDM and pugs 3

“My night sorted.. 👌” (1 months ago)


Sleepy DanTDM and his pugs

“Good to be home..😌” (5 months ago)


DanTDM's baby pug

“We have raised her well.. 🐶🎮” (2 weeks ago)


DanTDM's baby pug

“The Pug has arrived! So cute :)” (16 months ago)


And you know what, an average pug  may play ‘dead’ but DanTDM’s pug can play herobrine!

DanTDM's zombie pug

“Zombie Pug!!” (15 months ago)


Do you follow DanTDM on his Instagram too?  What is your favorite Instagram from Dan TheDiamondMinecart ?  Please share with us on the comment section below.

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