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Let's Play (LP)

POLL: Best Let’s Play (LP) YouTube star? Battle on!

I have the ultimate in Let’s Play (LP) polls this fine spring day.

We have done copious amounts of work, pressing keyword letters day in and day out* to assemble the definitive list of YouTube stars to vote on.

The Youtubers are PEWDIEPIE, Vanoss Gaming, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Rooster Teeth, SeaNanners Gaming Channel, SMOSH Games, CaptainSparklez, The Rad Brad, and of course, Stampy.

They all do everything from LP Minecraft to GTA V.

I know my favorites but tell us what you think – vote and leave us a comment!


Who is the Greatest-of-All-Time (GOAT) of Let's Play (LP) on YouTube?

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* we really just went to this great site, WatchMojo Top 10 list, and looked everyone up!

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