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rhett and link ultimate juice test -gmm - good mythical morning
Get ready for some tasty juice on the Ultimate Juice Test from Rhett and Link

GMM Recap: Ultimate Juice Test – Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning

Ever wonder how someone would react to Garlic Durian juice?  Well, Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning gives us the lovely pleasure of watching their faces contort in this week’s Ultimate Juice Taste Test on their GMM channel.

We start off with the boys from North Carolina going through the rules, which are fairly straightforward: there’s 6 rounds where they have to simultaneously drink a mystery juice – any fruit or vegetable with water can be juiced – and then guess what it is.

They get 1 point for each right guess and the loser has to eat the leftover pulp from all the juicing.  The first four rounds only use one ingredient and the last two combine some wicked things!

We start off with Alex, one one the GMM crew, pouring in mango juice.  Not bad – I’ve had many glasses of the stuff and I definitely could have gotten a point.  However, both lost what was called “not orange juice juice”.

Next round starts to get into the gross factor.  This one is called “the eyepopper” and Rhett handedly won that round.  He’s on the board with one point and Link is looking to catch up after downing potato juice.

gmm good mythical morning- rhett and link ultimate juice test- potato juice

Potato juice just will never sound delicious to me…

Round three is what everyone, including moi, thought was called “the bomb” but it was actually “the balm”.  Drinking aloe does not look like a tasty treat in the least bit but you should see these guys go back for seconds and more!

Link nails this one and the score is tied 1-1!

The fourth round is a juice not many know named Starfruit.  Noah, the producer, calls it “the Noah juice”, and we find out later that his last name is Starr.  Glad the whole team is up for some creativity :)

No one wins this and we are off to round 5: “the spicy Belgium”.

This is the start of a juice blend and brussel sprouts and horseradish simply turn my stomach thinking about it.  I just can’t picture this on a Jamba Juice menu.

Rhett is really close with the horseradish and collects a half a point and he pulls into the lead!

The 6th and final round is called “stink bomb” and that’s probably a very good descriptor.

This juice is an aromatic blend of garlic – for keeping Twilight fans away – and Durian, which keeps most of the world away.  If you haven’t tried a Durian…I don’t think you are missing much.  I’ve dug into it a couple of times and it’s just not for me.

Link couldn’t take it anymore and we get the first glimpse of his stylish puke bucket.

They both get garlic out of this one and end up with Rhett 2 and Link at 2.5.

The show concludes with the Wheel of Mythical coming from sunny and warm Mexico.  I think the boys got a bit flustered where the WoM landed and we end the show with an awkward finale.


You’re not seeing double – this weeks WoM comes from twins in Chihuahua, Mexico.

All in all, another funny-don’t-miss episode from our friends at Good Mythical Morning.

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