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Who is the unluckiest man (or woman) in the world? Rhett and Link educate us!

GMM Recap: The Unluckiest Man on Earth- Rhett & Link’s Good Mythical Morning

In today’s installment of Good Mythical Morning called The Unluckiest Man on Earth, Rhett and Link take us through a couple of folks that seemingly have a life long string of bad luck.  This is not titled well as the first person is a woman.  Boys, don’t get sexist on us!


The World’s Unluckiest Woman, Jeanne Rogers.

We start off with Jeanne Rogers, whose first run in with being unlucky is at Martha’s Vineyard where she’s with a friend on a boat.  Jeanne ends up going overboard while trying to take a picture.  Her friend freaks out and runs to steer help rescue her but slips and KOs herself, unlike the Mayweather and Pacquiao snoozefest, and the boat takes off!

The friend finally comes to and gets the boat in order to save Jeanne, who is just treading water but otherwise unharmed.

Then, in some weird relationship with her son, she brings him along selling cosmetics door-to-door, at which point a friggin’ BAT attacks her.  It flys and apparently settles into her hair which required a veterinarian to “smoke it out”…whatever that heck that is all about, but I guess there were a lot witnesses to this ordeal.

Next up, she was struck by lightening TWICE, even though it’s a 1 in 700,000 chance of getting hit once.  Oh man.

She’s been mugged, shot at while on horseback and fallen into an open manhole (man hole…hehehehe) and actually pantsed Mr. Rogers at a pool.  This is too much…and she clearly wins the GMM title for World’s Unluckiest Woman.



This music teacher from Croatia has had an amazing life!!

Now for the title holder of the World’s Unluckiest Man.  Mr. Frano Selak from Croatia has lead an incredible life and is actually lucky to be live so long.

He’s a music teacher that found himself in 1962 taking a train that plunged into an icy river.  17 people drowned and he fortunately swam to shore and only had a broken arm.

In 1963, he miraculously got sucked out of his first ever airplane through an open door as the plane starts to go down.  Everyone died but he fell into a HAYSTACK AND SURVIVED!!!

Frano had a 1966 bus accident that also resulted in an icy river plunge where, again he got to shore unharmed.

Not to end the string of bad luck, Mr. Selak’s car catches on fire because of a gas tank that explodes in 1970.  Three years later, the same car’s faulty fuel pump ejects flames out of his vents and burns most of his hair off.  Oh man!!!

He has a couple of decades of quiet life which end in 1995 when he’s run over by a bus.  He, AGAIN, suffers only minor injures and is back to status quo.  Except…only one year later, while driving, he swerves to avoid a truck and careens off a 300 foot cliff.

As the d@mn car is going down the cliff, he manages to jump out of the car and onto a tree where rescuers find him holding on.

Take that all in folks.

Unlucky or lucky??  I say d@mn lucky.

He’s especially lucky because he ended up winning the lottery and getting a ton of money.  Frano gave most of it away but kept some for him and his 5th wife.  (I’d like to know about the first four, myself!)

Doritos did pick him up for a commercial recounting his crazy life and hopefully, he’s got residuals or at least his munchies covered for life.

Wheel of Mythicality is introduced by a couple of nice girls from Nashville, Tennessee and our North Carolinian comedy duo are forced to give a shout out to toothpicks.  Some great post editing completes the banter with “interesting” imaginary.


Apparently, to be a cool skeleton, you have die with a toothpick in your mouth.

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