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Uh oh, the creeper is about to explode!

NUGGET: J4 – Minecraft Animation Intro & Let’s Play (LP) GTA Online

How important is an intro for your YouTube channel?  J4, an upcoming Youtuber, hailing from the always sunny United Kingdom, created an awesome intro for his J4 YouTube channel that got him accolades and tons of subscribers.

J4, or sometimes known as simply Jack, joined YouTube in 2012 and has amassed a very respectable 32 thousand subscribers and well over 200 thousand views of his gaming content, aka Let’s Play (LP), vlogs and unboxing videos according to his About page.

While he does a ton of LP Minecraft – many survival mod episodes, he also covers off on Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, Call of Duty and Indie Games.  J4 has put the time in to create a lot of content and looking at his playlists will give you a great feel for what he does.

His low-key style, friendly and fun play style makes for a nice lean back time of watching.

One of the moments I liked best from a video uploaded a couple of months again, was when he was playing with his friend in GTA ONLINE – Jumps and Assasinations – Episode 2 and they have a back and forth time trying to get into the car to get going and away from the cops.  It’s fun to watch starting at the 3:58 mark here.  Who has messed with their friends trying to get into a car?? :)

And, watching him try on masks that go from creepy and scary to a cartoon character is pretty funny.


One of the best parts of playing GTA is the ability to customize your character, no matter how silly or creepy.

With all of that said, what I really picked up on from Jack was his slick intro.  I think that many people either try to over do it or fall flat.  The first time I saw it, I was really impressed because I’m a kind of dude that appreciates something simple yet memorable.

He made a separate posting just for the intro and it’s been viewed over 13 thousand times with great comments like the ones below.

j4-minecraft-animation-intro-youtube-lp-mc-youtube comments

If you are an inspiring Youtuber, take the time to polish your material – it can help get you an audience.

While his name is a bit hard to pick out in the last part, I enjoyed the final animation and fade out.  Nice job, Jack!!

J4 continues to hone his craft and if you like The Escapists, he’s posted a new one just recently called The Escapists #5 THE BREAKAWAY! that you should give a view.

His intro is all of 6 seconds but if you are an aspiring Youtuber, or simply like Minecraft, check it out below and be sure to subscribe to him on YouTube and follow him on Twitter @J4YoutubeMC.


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