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Wonder Quest Trailer Fail- Stampy Penis Garden
I do believe we have a #FAIL for Wonder Quest.

Wonder Quest Fail- Stampy’s & Shay Carl’s Penis Garden Caption

Oh man, do I have an exclusive for y’all!!!

Wonder Quest Fail Big Time!  Wonder Quest is the new animated series from Joseph Garrett.  It’s an educational series that really is awesome for the little ones.

And, everyone loves Stampy, who grew to fame with his Minecraft Let’s Play (LP) on YouTube.

Seriously, he’s awesome and we are fans of him, here at Youtuber Review, but uh oh, is his new kid’s show, Wonder Quest, is starting off on a bad foot.  And, Shay Carl is involved!


Wonder Quest Fail- Stampy Penis Garden on Traiiler

Screenshot of the exclusive post from Youtuber Review!


Below is a closed caption fail from the show’s trailer (posted April 11, 2015) that I just noticed today, almost by accident.

We’ve all seen translation fails but this is definitely a great little nugget for not relying on automated CC.  Never trust a robot to do transcripts or security, especially with odd names.

When Stampy says, “save the village from the Evil Heinous. Our adventures are filled with action…”, it is auto-captioned as “from the evil with a penis garden benches are filled with action” at the :17 second mark.  According to Wikia Heinous is played by Shay Carl!


Wonder Quest Fail- Stampy Penis Garden on Traiiler

Is this the garden that Stampy is referring to?


Stampy, if you are listening, PLEASE CONTACT YOUTUBE NOW!  This is a d@mn kids show and not only do I think it’s not a good idea to expose them to those types of gardens, I REALLY, REALLY don’t want to know what kind of action is going on with the benches.

If you don’t want to wait a whole 18 seconds to watch, you can check out our exclusive wannabe viral clips below :)

UPDATE: Stampy and his team have taken down all transcripts and closed captioning on his channel after we broke the story!





Full original – just turn the CC for “penis garden” or look at the transcript found under “…more” next to the sharing button on the YouTube page:


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