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Rhett and Link play Lorhetta and Linkinta on today's Mother's Day themed show.

GMM Recap- Testing the Butter Cutter with Rhett and Link on Good Mythical Morning

Thursday on Good Mythical Morning brings us the weekly viewer mail.  And, with this being so close to Mother’s Day, we are entertained with a motherly theme with Testing the Butter Cutter.

What does everyone have in common?  Well, Rhett poses this question to Link and without missing a beat, he say, “hairy armpits.”

With a snarky snap down from Rhett and then a “shaving” counter from Link, we move on from pits to what Rhett originally wanted to discuss: moms.

Everyone it seems in this crazy world does indeed have a mom.  Whether test tube baby or not, there’s a momma for all of y’all.

We jump into the first reader mail from Katie Kearnes.  She asks how to get her mom to appreciate GMM.

My vote is to get her to watch the T-Shirt War (stop-motion).

But, the guys don’t listen to me again and decide instead to imagine how their show would be with Lorhetta and Linkinta discussing “Would it Mini-van?”

I must say, both gents don’t make very good looking ladies.  And, they clearly don’t know how women interact with each other given how awkwardly touch each other’s her.

Rhett ends up losing it and genuinely starts to laugh as Link, er, Linkinta, recounts her adventures in cheeseburger smell and touch in the mini-van.  It’s pretty funny banter.


Rhett losing it big time while Link was slamming out lines.

Next reader submission is from Waylon O’Donnell.  He’s a price sensitive guy and looking not to break the bank with a gift.

The guys suggest a cheap and easy gift from their compliments song called Yo Mamma Battle (of Compliments).  If you haven’t watched it, give it a go!!  For all the bad Your Momma songs/jokes/tweets/posts, we finally have a “nice-off” :)

We enter a new segment based on the previous full episodes featuring Weird Products.

They are accepting product suggestions in their YouTube comments for more weird products.  This inaugural one is The Butter Cutter.


Does anyone have a problem cutting butter???

Wow, talk about a product that you didn’t know there was a need for, and after seeing it fully demonstrated, you realize that it’s actually stupider than you first thought.  It doesn’t solve any real problem.

After showing it off on various foods and watching Rhett eat a bit too much butter, we move on to the final reader comment.

Jay y states, “link is evil. when rhett loses a game he becomes happy in a evil way.”

That’s pretty d@mn strong for someone to say about such a nice chap like Link Neal.

Then again, the show jumps into a montage of Link indeed acting a bit evil after either winning or watching Rhett lose.  The last part of this segment is great and you can see their very real on screen chemistry and history.


The real Link is finally unveiled!!

We get a sneak peek at “Just Being Honest” which is a new music video coming out on May 19th.  It’s sponsored by Wendy’s (sidebar: I ate the new Jalapeño Fresco Spicy Chicken over the weekend, and it’s friggin’ awesome…and HOT!).

Link does a bit of rapping sans music and any effects.  He’s a’ight but best to never go into rapping as a career, at least based on this clip.

If you check out the Wendy’s YouTube channel you can see even more of the video.  I did and it’s worth a quick view (under 1:30)…amusing stuff and nice product tie-in.


Gotta say I liked their video and I like Wendy’s (and I didn’t get paid for that!)

I can only imagine that it’s going to be a well produced and entertaining production.  Can’t wait to check it out!

We end the show on the Wheel of Mythicality being introduced by Stampy in his Lovely World inside of Minecraft.

(another sidebar: be sure to check out my Stampy fail on his new Wonder Quest channel’s trailer)

Instead of landing on a crazy outro, the WoM lands on “Chloe J on Tumblr” and she wins a prize!  I’m sure she’s stoked until we find out that it will be an empty turtle shell left over from the Can You Eat That Game?

Tune in every day to Rhett and Link’s show and be show to subscribed to Good Mythical Morning.


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