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We brought you the exclusive Wonder Quest Fail and now you can only see the original here at YoutuberReview.com

Wonder Quest Fail Taken Down!!! See Original Unedited Here

We at YoutuberReview.com broke the recent not-really-a-scandal scandal about the mishap of auto-captioning Stampy’s new show, Wonder Quest.  This fail went unnoticed for three weeks on their official YouTube channel – over 1 million views at the time…until, that is, we happened by.

Having reached out to Stampy via his Twitter, we apparently got through and they took down the original closed captioning and transcripts.

I’m definitely glad they are doing something, because, let’s be honest, any deaf folks watching that trailer are going to be really shocked by the captions alone.

Anyway, since we are firm believers in net-neutrality, First Amendment Rights, plus we like a good laugh here, check out the original unedited version below.  If you listen at the :17 mark you can hear Stampy say “Heinous”, a character played by Shay Carl, and you can kinda tell how the computer messed it up :)

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