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Stampy Wonder Quest - part 1

Wonder Quest – Stampy’s new YouTube channel – is a wondrous way to learn!

“I wonder if Wonder Quest is any good,” you may have wondered.  Well, wonder no more because this bunny checked it out for you already!

Wonder Quest is a kind-of-brand-new YouTube channel show that stars our beloved Stampy Cat and his favorite k-9 buddy, Barnaby.  The focus is clearly on kids and I have to say that the show is really good and educational!


Yes, there was an epic caption fail during trailer episode of Wonder Quest.  Yes, automatic transcript on YouTube page made Stampy to say “Evil with a penis garden” instead of “Evil  Heinous’ and it was ridiculously silly and funny.  But even with ‘Garden of Penis’ and ‘Benches’ that are ‘filled with action’ I couldn’t help but notice the obvious overall quality and wholesomeness of the show.  If Wonder Quest appears among other well established Saturday morning cartoon shows, it won’t just do as well, but it will surely excel!

Without further ado, let me tell you what it is all about:


Good Guys

Stampy Wonder Quest I Wonder

Stampy Cat, of course!  This is Stampy on the morning of his adventure into Wonder Wharf where he pursued the cake of Pirate Cakebeard.  It is also the morning of his un-consensual summoning to Wonderberg (which Stampy took with much more grace that I personally could…)

Stamply Wonder Quest I Wonder

Stampy’s favorite K-9 companion, Barnaby!

Stamply Wonder Quest I Wonder

Wizard Keen of Wonderberg (played by Adam Clark)


Bad Guy/Henchmen


Evil  Heinous (aka Evil with I-don’t-want-to-over-saying-it Garden), played by Shay Carl.  From the beginning, I did think that Villein’s name was a very brave choice as it rhymes with certain ‘A’ word and it almost-rhymes with certain ‘P’ word (that we now all know…)  Go ahead and enter heinous on RhymeZone, and see what suggestions you get.  (Or, just check it out below!)

wonder quest heinous rhymes words

Check out rhymezone.com

But, I digress.  So let’s continue our list of bad guy/henchmen.

wonder quest stampy's new youtube channel

Flunky and Lacky.  This bunny will not insult your intelligence by pointing out who is who.



Now we are getting to the interesting part!  How did the good guys become good?  Why did they need to be heroes?  Furthermore, why is the Evil Heinous so…  evil?  I’ll tell you why!

Stamply Wonder Quest I Wonder

According to the Wizard King, Heinous wanted to become a stand up comedian but this dream was killed at Gem Festival one year ago among a series of bad jokes.

Stamply Wonder Quest I Wonder

Hurt and angry Heinous decide to steal the town’s number one treasure ‘Wonder Gem’ from the town square.  Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for Wonderberg and its residents, this plan is foiled by Wizard Keen.  And after the aforementioned mild skirmish, Wonder Gem breaks into pieces and it becomes a race for Wizard Keen and Heinous to find pieces before the other one does.

Stamply Wonder Quest I Wonder

Wizard King being the best wizard and all, he decides to summon the hero to save them all.  And, you got it, Stampy appears with his trusty k-9 companion, Barnaby to save the day.

Stamply Wonder Quest I Wonder

Literally by luck, the first piece of missing Wonder Gem finds Stampy and Wizard King, and their adventure to recover Wonder Gem for Wonderberg starts.


Epic Battles

There is none.  Seriously, this is Stampy we are talking about.  However, there were some mild skirmishes and honorable appearance from googlies.  No blood, nor gore appears other than all ol’ rotten flesh.

Stampy Wonder Quest - episode 1

Some mild insults and milder violence were exchanged between Wizard Keen and Evil Heinous.

Stamply Wonder Quest I Wonder

And, the aforementioned honorable appearance from googlies.  No worries though.  Stampy and Wizard King take care of them with no problems.



Wonder Quest is an awesome show for a couple of reasons.

First and upmost reason, of course, is Stampy.  His unique blend of personable nerdy-ness (in a good way!!!), friendly voice and exotic accent (yes, British is exotic to me!!) makes this shows a no-doubt-winner, as a number of current subscribers for one month old Wonder Quest will tell you.  (It’s 171,733, in case you don’t feel like to read below)

wonder quest stampy new youtube channel

Secondly, there was something so satisfying as a hard-core Minecraft fan.  Do you know how hard it is to be a grown-up-a$$ woman like me and not to be judged for liking Minecraft as much as I do?  To see Minecraft animation that has an instant mainstream quality.  I truly think it is a matter of time before we see this type of show on the Saturday morning cartoon lineup on major network TV stations.

There you have it!  This bunny checked out Wonder Quest for you, and it really is pretty cool show.


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