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Ragnar Lothrok maims and robs fortunes from the aristocracy

FRANKIEonPCin1080P And the Art of Medieval Griefing

Of LPers, there are several different species. There are the pack hunters (see Vanoss), the loony bins (see PewDiePie), the harpies (see Markiplier), and the LPer genus who are actually skilled gamers. For the most part, these are ‘achievement hunters,’ waiting to be recognized by their favored message board or subreddit for completing a daring timed Ocarina of Time run. A small subset, however, use their expertise and cunning purely to make others suffer. FRANKIEonPCin1080P is of this particular species. He is the mad king of griefers.

The chosen land for this particular round of schadenfreude is Reign of Kings, a medieval survival title, still in alpha, that combines DAOC roleplay with minecraft-like resource gathering and synthesis. And so, Ragnar Lothbrok, Frankie’s Viking mason/murderer, sets out upon the Reign landscape with nae but the clothes on his back, a simple club and endless cunning.

Valhalla wasn’t built in a day, of course, so Frankie’s first ancient grift attempt is to run a smash and grab upon famed midget-hovel-knight Sharktip Scandelopian. Attempting to bash down Sharktip’s door, while saying that “Dave” ok’ed the operation does little more than raise the ire of Sharktip. And woe to he who does so, as he and his unwitting compatriot receive a massive Ricola French Horn Face Blast.

Deafened and pride-wounded, Ragnar comes upon a more opulent target – the home keep of an aristocratic, feather-bed sleeping clan. Building a brush tower at the outskirts of their defenses, he easily breaches the 2nd floor of the domicile, murders and loots the poor sleeping souls within, and returns to his faithful squire Sada with a cache of arms and riches.

Thus begins a purge-like night of plunder for Ragnar and Sada. Bashing in doors, dropping in on balconies, and replacing valuable diamonds with butt-rocks, the duo ruins family fortunes overnight.

And having no further concern, Ragnar Lothrok and his companion sought adventure in the West. Many wars and feuds did Ragnar fight. Honor and fear were heaped upon his name and, in time, he became a king by his own hand. But that, my friends, is another story…

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