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What is YouTube Gaming and does Twitch have anything to worry about?

YouTube Gaming App – Twitch Killer or Frenemy??

It’s been a bit since I’ve been able to knock a post but I’ve been staying sharp with all of the latest news, including the super hyped YouTube Gaming App from the powers at Google.

A couple of weeks ago, the YouTube official blog announced a cool new app to compete directly with Twitch.  With Twitch being gobbled up by Amazon for a cool billion-ish, there’s no doubt gaming has entered a completely new world.

With PewDiePie, Vanoss, Markiplier, Stampy and so many more Youtubers getting billions of views, the movement towards a YouTube gaming specific site seems inevitable.

Let’s look at what YouTube Gaming is all about.

Here’s a first look at E3 2015 from Android Authority, with details below.



As you can see, it has a slick and polished interface.  No doubt Google has hired the right User Interface designers to make something clear and simple across all the platforms that we use: mobile, tablet and desktop.

My first question to myself was how did they get so much content already – YouTube Gaming claims 25,000 gaming titles.

Turns out, they used their super smart engineers to index and filter all the YouTube videos out there and properly place the video into the right section.  Sounds like it’s doable but we’ll see if they have any fails like old Stampy on Wonderquest.

Let’s Talk App!

When you get into the app from any platform, you’ll see live streams and featured videos, AKA recorded videos.  Live video is heavily rewarded so you’ll probably see of a lot of those.  Remember, Google tried to buy Twitch but was outbid by Mr. Bezos over at Amazon, so they have already shown they want to get into live streaming.

The app has 3 main parts: Home, Games and Channel.

In the Games section, you’ll find your games first, popular and recommended.  There’s also Let’s Play, Reviews, and Official Channel info that you can dig into for any game.  There’s simply a ton of content here.

In Channels,  you see what you have subscribed to.  It’s not the same as your YouTube’s account but when you install the app, you are prompted whether you’d like to import your current YouTube proper channel subscriptions.  I don’t know if you only have one shot at doing it but at least it’s available.

The business channels feature the most recent uploads for better binge watching and have other channels and videos available for your ocular pleasure.

The difference in platforms is based on real estate and you get to see more with the larger screens, and again, live video is always something prominent across the app.



Here’s how your desktop will look with ample space for everything.

There’s a Spotlight section as a way to discover creators, games and videos.  I guess it’s like a staff pick so there will no doubt be a lot of people writing about getting promoted.

There’s been lots of press and super excitement across the board.  Check out EWNetwork‘s review below!



All in all, this is one mighty juicy app that is coming.

I believe this is really bad news for Twitch.  You can seamlessly create a YouTube video when you do the live stream, AND you can live stream any time with scheduling.

If there is ever an opportunity for live video to take the next big step, it’s with YouTube.

Sorry, Twitch but only hardcore fans have heard of you.  Everyone knows YouTube and you can’t tell me they aren’t going to put some serious cash towards promoting this!

Should be out in the summer of 2015 – check out their site and click on the triangles of the heart for Easter Eggs galore!

I can’t wait for the app launch :)


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