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Top 3 Most Popular GMM’s That Feature Special Guests

Rhett and Link have many episodes on their YouTube channel, Good Mythical Morning, that feature guests. These are their three most popular episodes that feature guests, which includes YouTube sensation PewDiePie and English actor Daniel Radcliffe.



5.2 million views

When Daniel Radcliffe’s movie “What If” came out last year, Good Mythical Morning thought it would be interesting to have Radcliffe on the show to play a game called What If. The way it worked was fans would submit “what if” questions to the show and they would be placed into a coffee mug to be drawn at random. Radcliffe would select a question and Rhett and Link would give a “then” answer to the question. The best answer, in Radcliffe’s opinion, wins the round and the winner of the game has the honor of becoming Radcliffe’s best friend.

Judging by the questions that were submitted, the fans of this show have quite the imagination. Some of the questions were simple, for example: “What if a zombie bit a vampire?”. Others were a little more creative, such as: “What if everyone had no contact with humans until the age of 16, and right before they went out into the world they were forced to watch Silence of the Lambs, Forrest Gump, and Titanic, and make their assumptions on humanity based on that?”. The answers that Rhett and Link gave to the questions were pretty well thought out. For instance, when Link was asked what he would do if he had the ability to fly but had to poop at the same time he said that he would always land in a pants store.

The game ended in a tie which meant that Rhett and Link each got to become Radcliffe’s best friend.



6.5 million views

In this Video, Rhett and Link were blasted by every single Nerf dart that their kids own. Before the event they interviewed Rhett’s son Locke and Link’s son Lincoln to talk about the massacre that was about to take place. When asked about their arsenals Locke said that he had a rack of about six to seven guns, putting emphasis on his sub-machine gun, while Lincoln boasted about his Hail-fire gun that can hold multiple magazines. They each said that the most important features in any Nerf gun is range and accuracy and they both got interested in Nerf by watching YouTube videos.

Before the event started, Rhett and Link put on blindfolds for protection while the five children stood feet away getting their weapons ready. Rhett counted down from seven, of all numbers, then the children started firing away. It didn’t take long for the children to get crucial shots in as Rhett took one to the genitals just seconds after the firing squad started unloading. Link got it bad as well as he ended up with multiple darts in his mouth, three to be exact. Then things got real when Lincoln took out his Nerf Mega Centurion and Locke took out his sniper rifle as they each landed crucial head and genital shots. This is why they stressed accuracy in the interview.

Towards the end, Link takes one of the children hostage but it doesn’t work out too well as the hostage bit him and was able to get loose. After all the shooting stopped, they did a slow motion replay of a few crucial shots that the children had landed on Rhett and Link.



8.8 million views

If you’ve ever been curious about what pisses off Swedes or ever wondered what the Swedes like and dislike, this is the video that you’ve been searching for. In this video, Rhett and Link bring in Swedish expert Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie, to clear the air on all the Swedish stereotypes that have been floating around. As well as being a Swedish expert, he is also the most popular individual on YouTube. His channel, which revolves around Let’s Play, has over 38 million subscribers and his videos have amassed nearly 10 billion views combined.

The first fact that PewDiePie said about Sweden was that you do not make eye contact on trains. He said that you would be better off staring at their nipples or genitals. If for some reason that makes you uncomfortable, just pretend that nobody is on the train at all. Another fun fact that he brings up about Sweden is that everybody buys their furniture from IKEA. Apparently if you don’t get your furniture there eyebrows will be raised, which makes since. According to PewDiePie, Sweden has the world’s largest IKEA store but he’s never been himself. This is probably because IKEA is considered low-class to the Swedes.

In terms of what offends the Swedes, PewDiePie informs Rhett and Link that the Swedes don’t get offended. He went on to say that the one thing the Swedes do get offended by is when people call Swedish things Swiss. Rhett and Link were curious whether the Swedish chef from The Muppets was offensive to the Swedes or not. PewDiePie said that the chef was an actual portrayal of a real Swedish chef.

Other facts that PewDiePie mentioned about Sweden was that everyone gets a five-week vacation, they love meatballs, the weather is only good in July, and they celebrate Waffle Day on Mar. 25.

Rhett’s three takeaways from all this is that we need to undervalue IKEA, celebrate Waffle Day, and get five-week vacations.

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