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These bull's testicles aren't exactly appetizing...

Good Mythical More – 4 Things I Would NEVER Do With Rhett and Link!!

On Rhett and Link‘s show, Good Mythical Morning, they do many stunts and discuss hilarious subjects to entertain their audience. As funny as these stunts and subjects are, some of them are also quite daring and gross. So much so that I wouldn’t even consider doing some of them myself. This article delves into these types of stunts and discussions but in the case of their after show, Good Mythical More, ranking the top four of them that I wouldn’t do. You may recall a similar article written back in April which discussed the top 10 things that they would do in the case of Good Mythical Morning. If, for some reason, you enjoy doing any of these things listed in this article there just might be something wrong with you.


#4: Farting at School and Work

When we fart it is a relieving moment because it allows all that nasty intestinal gas to exit your body. Overall, this makes farting a rather positive thing. The issue, however, is that there is a time and a place for farting because of that unfortunate smell it gives off. So if you fart in an enclosed space full of people like a classroom or certain work settings you are putting yourself at risk of someone smelling it.

The number one thing that gets affected when you decide to rip one in the classroom or at work is your reputation. You become “that guy” that farted in front of everybody and that’s something that people won’t forget, trust me. So you can forget about that promotion that you were up for or that cute girl in your math class that you wanted to ask out. It only takes one loud, juicy fart to ruin those dreams. For me, the risk just isn’t worth it.


#3: Eating Bull Testicles

I wouldn’t do this simply because I’m not sure that I would feel too comfortable having any kind of animal’s testicles in my mouth, let alone bull testicles. The overall nutrition of animal testicles isn’t so appetizing either. Although they are a good source of protein they are extremely high in cholesterol.  If that isn’t enough, the way Link described the texture of the bull testicle as “mushy and fatty” definitely convinced me that this is something that I would never try. I do give Link a lot of credit for being able to swallow it and keep it down. I know that if I tried the same thing I would be seeing that bull testicle again very shortly after swallowing it. People say that you won’t know if you like something or not unless you try it but in this case I’d rather not find out.


#2: Eating Russian Food

What all do we know about Russia? They love vodka, they smoke a lot, they are corrupt, they produce talented hockey players, and they hate just about everyone. Everything else about them, including their cuisine, is a complete mystery. I would imagine that every Russian dish has at least a few ounces of vodka in it, which wouldn’t be too bad unless your were really hungry and as a result got alcohol poisoning. Not to mention all of that secondhand smoke that probably seeps into all of their food.

What scares me the most is the corruption in Russia. Wouldn’t that mean that their food is corrupted as well? Since they hate the rest of the world so much it would make since that the food they export to other countries is contaminated or tampered with somehow. Due to my cautious personality, I could never try this myself.


#1: Eating a Giant Centipede

The giant centipede is a creepy looking creature. Some species can grow up to a foot in length and they have 100 legs. Doesn’t sound like something that I’d want to stick in my mouth and eat. In this video, Rhett decides to man up and eat one. I’ve seen Rhett eat other disgusting insects such as mealworms and dung beetles and not have much of a reaction. Since Rhett had trouble with the centipede I’m pretty sure that I don’t want any part of it. Like the bull testicle, I would be seeing it again soon after I ate it.


Out of all the crazy and disgusting things that Rhett and Link do and discuss on this show these are the top four things that I would never do. I keep my farts to myself, I don’t have the stomach to handle bull testicles and giant centipedes, and I don’t trust those damn Russians!



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