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Team Four Star Gaming: Saving the World with Batman

When you think of Team Four Star, the first thing that comes to a lot of Youtuber’s minds is the famous abridged series with Dragonball Z. However, what you may not know from the cast of Team Four Star lead by Scott “Kaiserneko” Frerichs is that they play games new and old in a variety of different ways.

While some of the games Team Four Star covers has only one note, the entertainment portion of the games involve the cast of Team Four Star voicing some of their let’s plays as some of your favorite characters. Characters like Krillin, Nappa, and Vegeta take part in quite a few of the let’s plays.

In this segment from Team Four Star gaming, we take a look into their let’s play as they take on Gotham City in TFS Plays: Batman: Arkham Knight Part 1

Some of the other popular let’s plays for Team Four Star Gaming include titles like “Two Saiyans Play,” “Renegade for Life,” and “Krillin Plays.” Getting the chance to incorporate some of the famous voices of the Dragonball Z Abridged Series into various amounts of let’s plays is something that keeps the subscriber coming back for more.

Team Four Star Gaming has over 300,000 subscribers. They use the voices of the characters in some of the games that they cover, which provides quite a bit of entertainment among the fans. Their first part of the Batman Arkham Knight let’s play is no exception. One thing that I found entertaining about this twist on playing this new Batman game for the Xbox One and PS4 is how they incorporate the voices of their characters along with their own.

There are some scenes where you can hear Vegeta, Krillin, and Nappa as the Team Four Star crew venture through the first part of the Batman Arkham Knight storyline. If you ever watch the abridged series, you will hear Vegeta while Batman appears in the game for the first time as he says, “Oh good. Finally crime.”

You can also hear a little bit of Droopy Dog in the let’s play towards the beginning as the guys think about what Batman is thinking as he glides down into Arkham City, telling us “I am the Batman. Time to stop the crime. My parents are dead.” The addition of the voices from the series and other places adds on to the originality of the let’s play. As Fabian Playgod and Ladderthief1 would like to see when they mentions it in the comments.

“I liked it better when they used their TFS voices.”

“Droopy Batman, we need more Droopy Batman.”

In Team Four Star’s Dragonball Z Abridged Series, Batman was mentioned in an episode when Super Kami Guru was talking to Dende. Like Batman, Dende’s parents were killed, so there was a few references involving Dende and Batman like singing the theme song to Batman. Only he replaces Batman’s name with Dende.

In my opinion, I foresee Team Four Star continuing with the voices of the abridged series and perhaps using some references from their show onto the game. Perhaps we will hear the voices of Krillin, Goku, and the others. It will be interesting to see. But if you are looking for some entertaining moments that involve some of your favorite voices from a favorite animated abridged series, look no further than Team Four Star gaming. While some let’s plays are only one episode, the laughs and entertainment are some of the best you will ever hear and watch.

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