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Prank vs. Prank Jesse and Jeana
General view of Prank vs. Prank stars Jesse and Jeana as they re-visit old pranks that Jesse has done to Jeana.

Prank vs. Prank: Couples Who Prank Together Stay Together

Taking a break from Let’s Plays for this article, I have decided to go into another realm in the YouTube Community. Some couples today like to do fun things together. However, one couple decided to take their fun for pranks on each other and show the entire world.

The Youtube channel Prank vs. Prank follows the longtime couple of Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith as they share their pranks on one another. They are perhaps the most well-known pranksters on YouTube to date and their nearly nine million subscribers would agree.

They have developed such a following they have team names for each other. Those who enjoy Jesse’s pranks are on Team Jesse and the same for Team Jeana.

The pranksters began their series of videos from a well-known challenge called The Cinnamon Challenge. For their first video, Jesse filmed Jeana attempting the challenge in which did not go so well for her and ended with Jesse laughing during her struggle.

The two have come a long way since then. Two prank videos will be shown. One each by Jesse and Jeana. The first video is Jesse pranking Jeana.

The video starts off with Jesse explaining what he is going to do and gets the prank set up by placing the extract in all six of Jeana’s sushi’s. He then sets up the camera and the scene. Fast forward to when Jeana takes her first bite into the sabotaged sushi, she begins to notice something off about it. Jesse plays it off telling her it is a spicy tuna roll.

The intensity of the extract gets worse for Jeana as Jesse pulls out another camera to film her reaction. Jeana is in a complete state of pain from the extract and does whatever she can to stop the burning. Jesse can not help but laugh as Jeana struggles to soothe the heat from the extract. The heat finally subdues when Jeana eats a spoonful of ice cream.

Jeana ends up being a good sport about it in the end, saying that she deserved it for the previous pranks. She also points out how crazy it is on the stuff that they do to each other.

In that prank, while it was a bit extreme due to the intensity of the hot pepper extract, did in fact show how far Jesse was willing to go in order to get back at Jeana. He talks about how he got her back for putting sand in his sandwich and had him eat burgers that were expired for about two years. The fact that he used food to get her back was interesting because of how he was pranked.

In the next video, Jeana decides to prank Jesse. During an important playoff game between the Philadelphia Flyers and New Jersey Devils, Jesse got tickets to the second home game. Jeana decides to “pretend” she burned the tickets. After arguing about going to the game for a good portion of the video. Jeana decides to throw the tickets in the fireplace.

After leading him on, Jeana reveals that she had the tickets on her all along. Or does she? Preparing to give the tickets to Jesse, she makes a realization and tells Jesse the tickets in her hands are the fake ones that “she meant to destroy” and that they are useless. Which means Jesse will not be allowed to attend the game.

Jesse is clearly distraught about this while Jeana looks at the camera with a huge smile on her face. She then tries to calm him down and suggests telling the ticket office the situation and perhaps Jesse can get tickets for the game.

However, Jeana decides to end the torture and reveal that she had the real tickets on her the entire time. Jesse’s distress turns to relief as Jeana cheers on her victory, citing that she got him twice.

For a guy, or any sports fan for that matter, this is a classic prank pulled off by Jeana. Game tickets do not come cheap these days, especially playoff tickets. I am sure sports fans cringed at this prank. Despite this, the fact that she fooled Jesse twice in one video gives Jeana perhaps the most thought out prank out of all the ones that I have seen.

Comparing the two videos, both end up good sports about the pranks. In some videos, some of the tempers and anger come out of both of them. Both Jesse and Jeana use the others weakness as a springboard for some of their pranks. Jesse often uses Jeana’s fear of bugs for a good amount of his Team Jesse pranks while Jeana will sometimes use his passion for sports and inability to respond to her when playing games as an advantage for her Team Jeana pranks.

The couple also have a few other channels. A daily blog called BF vs. GF talks about the Prank vs. Prank stars in their daily lives. Jesse has a gaming channel called DownRangeGaming, which does feature some let’s plays. They also have a channel dedicated to their cat Nylah and her adventures with the PrankvsPrank crew. Jesse has also created a channel dedicated to his rap name ChipChocolate.

The couple who prank together have developed quite a following. What will the two come up with next? Hit their subscribe button and prepare to watch the ideas fly.

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