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Epic Meal Time
The crew of Epic Meal Time prepare to chow down on their latest creation, the Fast Food Lasagna.

Epic Meal Time: Creating Meals From Your Dreams

The Epic Meal Time crew is led by Harley Morenstein, who is famously known as The Sauce Boss. His crew of Dave Heuff, Josh “Epic Mook”, and Ameer Atari create epic meals that are expanded and look perhaps 100 times the actual size of the food in question.

If you have a favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner dish, it is very likely that the crew of Epic Meal Time have done it. A key thing to be mindful of is the amount of calories and fat that the epic foods produce. So for those of you on that diet, this may not be your cup of tea.

However, with almost seven million subscribers, it is clear that some of them dream about eating the creations that Harley and his crew create. Epic Meal Time is one of the most successful YouTuber’s in the community today.

For this piece, like I did with Prank vs. Prank, I will be showcasing two videos. I have decided that I was going to cover a meal that would cover breakfast and dinner. For this first video, we will cover Breakfast Chicken Wings.

The video starts with Harley being woken up by the sound of the rooster’s call. After showing his displeasure, he walks into the kitchen where Dave is polishing an 18 month old fork. Harley suggests that they kill the rooster and make some breakfast. Dave points out that he got a great idea, but Harley said that it was his. Thus, the preparation of the Epic Meal Time breakfast begins.

For this meal, they combine chicken wings into various breakfast items ranging from doughnuts to omelets. As they create the breakfast wings, they display the amount of calories and grams of fat that each item has and adds them up. At the end of the video, they show how much calories and total grams of fat that the items have all together.

One thing that I noticed during their play-by-play of the creation of these tasty meals is that whenever one of them is about to curse, they use the noise of a cat meowing. It adds a bit of humor to the situation. After they are done creating their masterpiece, they chow down and eat. This is perhaps the one part in which some may not enjoy this cup of tea due to the graphic nature of their eating.

I would have never guessed having chicken wings for breakfast. While I may not try the crazy meals they have come up with, it does give me the option of something fun to have in the early morning of the day.

The next video will cover somewhat of a dinner, although some people have this for lunch. It is a take on an old Italian classic with a fast food twist. They call it the Fast Food Lasagna.

The video starts with the Epic Meal Time crew ordering burgers from various fast food chains McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and A&W. The confusion of the employees when they place their order is quite funny as they probably were not expecting all that food. However, one of the employee’s at A&W had a good feeling on what they were about to do. But Harvey did not spill the secret.

The Epic Meal Time crew were planning on using all 45 burgers that they ordered for the special twist on the Italian dish. They cover the first layer with burgers, then fill the top with a special meat sauce. This is in turn with Harvey’s nickname “The Sauce Boss.” As the lasagna is made, they use bacon. Bacon is a staple to the Epic Meal Time crew as they will find whatever way possible to use bacon in their recipes.

After filling each layer with 15 burgers, they top it off with the bacon, sauce, and cheese. The top layer receives the seven orders of onions rings that the crew have ordered. There is even a layer of Big Mac sauce before the Epic Meal Time crew places the top layer on.

What you may notice in a few of their meal videos is that they will often try to use bacon and/or Jack Daniel’s whiskey as an ingredient for their epic meals. This, in a sense, shows how manly the food can be.

Epic Meal Time has shown us that they can make the dream come true. Whenever we dream of eating a huge burger that has bacon and whiskey in it, this would be that dream that we come up with.

If Epic Meal Time happens to be your cup of tea, hit that subscribe button and find out what epic meal they come up with next. They post every Tuesday with another meal that will blow your mind.

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