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General view of the YouTube Celebrity Olga Kay during her Don't Judge Challenge.

Olga Kay: The Woman of Multiple Talents

Continuing my series of YouTube celebrities, I decided to cover a celebrity that I have been watching for quite some time now. When a former professional juggler decides to travel and use her witty charm and her comedic persona to make videos, you get to watch one of the first YouTube stars.

The type of videos that you will see from Olga Kay can vary. Recently, she has done a few challenge videos but she also has some fun videos that has the audience laughing. She even has a few other channels where she covers her life in a daily vlog, a gaming channel, and a fashion channel.

She even has her own army of fans that she calls the “Moosh Army” in which the name Moosh stems from a nickname for her cat. She even has her own line of socks and shoes.

For this article, I am going to cover two videos since they are both short. The first one I will cover falls in the category of life advice where she tries to convince her alter-ego Razor Blade that she is just looking for attention.

Disclaimer: The following videos contains language that is NSFW

The video begins with Razor Blade banging on the wall, much to the displeasure of a sleeping Olga Kay. She wakes up in an angry mood and storms into Razor Blade’s room showcasing her anger towards her roommate.

Olga Kay tells her how early it is, but Razor Blade does not seem to care as she proclaims her “new found sexual orientation change.” In return, Olga Kay sarcastically replies if “Facebook sent her a special notification” in regards to the change.

As they continue to talk about it, Olga Kay cleverly constructs the conversation to trick Razor Blade into admitting that she is in fact not gay, but just looking for attention. Some of the conversation includes when the parade is to what food Razor Blade likes better.

Razor Blade tries to inform Olga Kay that she does not know her, but Olga fires back saying that one of her hobbies is to read people. She then retaliates saying that she is not gay, but just looking for attention. She tells Razor Blade to get a job in order to help pay rent due to a break up. Razor Blade brings up the idea of being girlfriend’s, which Olga Kay shuts down immediately.

When asked where she is going to find work, Razor Blade states that she can just find rich gay people to help support her. Olga Kay ends it right there and then by telling her to “Get a Job!” as she shuts the door behind her.

The moral of Olga Kay’s video was to showcase the fact that it can be annoying for friends to be something that they are not just to get attention. Which is an important message. The way that she combats the false realities of her roommate helps us to learn, in a comic way, how to call out people on when they are using something to get attention.

One thing that I noticed in this video was whenever Olga cursed, someone came out and stated by saying “[Blank] is a bad word.”

In her next video, we take a look at a challenge that she partook in. And she brought in an old friend to help with the challenge.

For those who have not yet read my Prank vs. Prank article, I found out that Jesse and Jeana did this exact challenge on their daily vlog channel. Olga Kay got the idea from them, so she brought in YouTube celebrity Shane Dawson to help do the Pizza Challenge.

In this challenge, Olga and Shane would draw slips out of a bowl and whatever ingredient was on the paper, they had to put on their pizza. The ingredients range from common pizza ones like pepperoni to something that you would not normally put on a pizza like animal food and candy.

When both pizza’s were completed, Olga and Shane had to take at least one bite of their pizza. However, the combination of the ingredients made the pizza’s unbearable as they had to spit it out.

It looks like a fun challenge with food. Perhaps it is something worth trying in the future.

If you are looking for a good laugh, Olga Kay will not disappoint. Hit that subscribe button to stay up to date on things involving her daily life as a fashion entrepreneur and the funny things that go on in her life. Join her Moosh Army as she posts a new video every week. Until then, Moosh!


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