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Animated image of Maximilian Dood and Benny as they spring into action in the Mortal Kombat Universe.

Maximilian Dood: Raging Against the Bosses

Coming back to the let’s plays, the one thing that every gamer can possibly agree on is the thrill of going up against the final boss. However, these final bosses can prove to be difficult, especially when playing a fighting game such as Tekken or Street Fighter. For one man, he takes boss fighting to the next level.

Maximilian Dood is one of the more well known let’s players of the YouTube community. With over 400,000 subscribers, he brings his love for gaming in ways not many others can. His main focus in gaming is mostly fighting games. He brings his love for fighting games as well as his dog Benny into the mix at times.

One of Maximilian Dood’s most famous claims to fame is the Boss Rage videos. In those videos, he takes a boss from a fighting game and takes it to the next level. He spikes up the difficulty of the game to its highest level and goes through the story mode.

For some of the final bosses, there are certain requirements that must be met in order to face off against that boss. For this video however, it will be a standard final boss that everyone faces in the story mode.

In this video that I will be covering, Maximilian Dood takes on Corrupted Shinnok during his Boss Rage gaming. For those who do not know, Corrupted Shinnok is the final boss in Mortal Kombat X. The interesting part of Corrupted Shinnok is that he will not appear until the player defeats Shinnok in one round.

Just as a forewarning, some of the content in this video is not safe for work.

The video starts with Maximilian Dood acknowledging the 400,000 subscribers. He notes that he will be taking on the story mode with the Predator character. Going through the story mode before taking on the final boss further intensifies the video.

Maximilian Dood provides some interesting commentary which is basically what it would be like if a gamer would do if he was playing. I will admit, I have had my fair share of boss fights and they can be tricky at any difficulty.

As Maximilian Dood finally gets to Shinnok, the displeasure of going up against the boss in the very hard difficulty begins to show. While he did struggle somewhat with beating normal Shinnok, he did manage to beat him the first time.

However, once Shinnok transforms by absorbing Earthrealm’s power in order to become Corrupted Shinnok. What makes the fight easier for gamers is that if the player lost to the final boss, they would not have to restart and face Shinnok again. However, as you are going to witness, this boss fight is nothing one has ever imagined. This is especially true with the heightened difficulty.

The video transition before the struggle to beat the final boss further implicates how difficult this game will be at this difficulty at this point. After numerous attempts to defeat Corrupted Shinnok, Maximilian Dood drops the Playstation 4 controller as the Predator is defeated via fatality.

While Maximilian Dood is talking to his dog Benny about his recent defeats, the Predator shows up and continues the game and even he is struggling with the final boss. When Benny informs Maximilian Dood about the effects of fighting games on a person, the Predator pulls out a old gaming controler. With it, he begins to gain an advantage and ultimately defeats Corrupted Shinnok and win the game.

Still in disbelief from his defeats and his dog’s words, Maximilian Dood comes back into the room to see Shinnok disappearing after defeat and starts to celebrate. In a bit of a comedic part of the video, Maximilian Dood is talking to the President and is confronted by Predator. After a staredown of sorts, Predator gives him an arcade toy gun from the late ’90s and then goes back to his home planet.

At the end, Maximilian Dood reveals the amount of attempts it took to complete the game at its highest difficulty and gives a grade on how difficult the final boss was on a scale of one to ten.

There is no better satisfaction on beating a final boss. It is even sweeter beating them at their absolute best A.I. Level. If intense moments and fighting games are your passion, Maximilian Dood will not disappoint. Subscribe to his channel for daily fighting videos from your favorite series.

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