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Tetra Ninja
A general view of Sarah Hall played by Katee Sackhoff as she and the player go through the training.

Tetra Ninja: At War in Call of Duty Black Ops III

When it comes to new games, it is always helpful to watch a let’s play in order to get some understanding on where to go and what to obtain in a set mission. As the gaming community would know, the new Call of Duty game was released a month ago with the new installment in the Black Ops series.

Tetra Ninja is a let’s play account that focuses on one player games in the action and adventure category. Not to mention first person shooters as well. He currently has over one million subscribers and is one of the more well known let’s play channels in the Youtube community. In this article, we will cover part one of his walkthrough of the new game Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

What makes Tetra Ninja so unique is when he covers a game for the first time, he covers an extended period of time. For this let’s play, he covers the first 75 minutes of gameplay for Black Ops III. This covers the intro mission as well as the training on how to get used to the new features of the game.

He also describes that he uncovers miscellaneous things in his games like secret items. So, I would not be surprised if he ends up looking around in Black Ops II and finds some items that we have missed or thought to ourselves “how did I miss that?”

You start off as a solider. And you can choose between male or female. What Tetra Ninja does is commentate whenever key moments happen in the story or just to make note on something like a shot being made or a weapon. The limited commentary actually allows the viewer to experience the game first hand and Ninja’s navigation around to find certain objects also helps in regards to something similar to a strategy guide.

After completing the first mission, your character goes through a traumatic experience. Tetra Ninja commentates the action with his reaction. And I am certain, if you play this game, that you will react the exact same way.

After that, you move on to the staple in more recent Call of Duty games. That is the training simulation of the games. In this, you learn all the new features of Black Ops III. And there are quite a great handful of tricks you can learn. But I will let the video speak for itself on what there is to offer in the game.

Once all the key features you learn are completed, you go into the big mission of the simulation. Using all the knowledge you learned from Taylor, Diaz, Hall, and Maretti during the training simulation, you must stop an explosive on a train.

After the final mission of the simulation is completed, Tetra Ninja walks you though the safe house. While at the house, the player is informed by Hendricks on what the next mission and location will be. This is where Tetra Ninja looks around the safe house and looks at all the cool things that you can do while in the safe house.

Some of those include changing your weapon layout while in the middle of a mission, changing the wardrobe, among other cool things. There is even a simulator in the base where you can test out your weapons. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

So, if you are a fan of the action/adventure or first person shooter type of games, Tetra Ninja is the way you should go, especially if you are looking to be as detailed as possible with finding everything there is in the game.

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