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A general view of Slender Man as he prepares to attack the player.

LittleKuriboh Meets The Terror of the Internet

For those that are into Anime, I am certain that most of you have heard of the YouTuber by the name of LittleKuriboh. His main focus in the early days was the abridged series that we all grew to love.

While he is still doing his best to keep up and update the series, he has turned a bit towards the let’s play portion that has grown in popularity. However, over 500,000 subscriber’s cannot go wrong when it comes to any material from this YouTuber.

And just like in the first piece I have done for YouTuber Review, where Team Four Star incorporated their voices into their Batman let’s play, LittleKuriboh has decided to incorporate some of the characters from his abridged series into the let’s play themselves.

In this video, I will be combining two elements known in the world of the internet. Creepy Pasta’s and let’s plays. The video is called Marik Play’s Slender: The Eight Pages.

For those of you that do not know about Slender Man, he was created as an internet meme by Victor Surge in the Something Awful forums. He is depicted as a thin man who wears a black suit and has no face.

LittleKuriboh is not the first person to cover a Slender Man game. In fact, the duo at Prank vs. Prank have played the game themselves and would film each others reactions. They even did a small skit on Slender Man himself.

In this let’s play we see Marik and Bakura, two famous villains in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise as they play a game featuring one of the most famous internet memes in the history of the web.

The video begins with Marik and Bakura talking to each other and describing the scenery around them. While Marik does most of the talking, we do get some chime-ins by Bakura. This mostly happens when Marik directly addresses him.

What makes this video entertaining is the voice of Slender Man himself. He sounds somewhat of a friendly robot who just wants to be friends with Marik and Bakura. However, like most individuals who have played this game, they want no part in letting Slender Man catch up to them.

Another interesting part to LittleKuriboh’s video is the time and the number of pages one must collect in the game in order to win. The video lasts a little over eight and a half minutes and you are required to collect eight pages in the game. Just a little fun thing to point out.

They also reference Bear Grylls in the let’s play as LittleKuriboh’s character Marik often talks about survival in the woods and drinking his own urine. Kind of odd to discuss that, but then again LittleKuriboh’s characters can be a bunch of oddballs at times.

I believe what really makes this let’s play so entertaining is the characters used for it. LittleKuriboh knew what he was doing when he incorporated Marik and Bakura in a video game that has been known to scare individuals who play the game.

The fact that Marik gets scared playing the game makes it more entertaining since he plays a villain in the anime and abridged series. Nothing more hilarious than listening to a big bad villain getting scared while playing a game.

This would not be the only time Marik plays a Slender Man game. There is another five part let’s play that shows him playing the latest installment of the game.

So, even when it comes to big bad villains, even they have their fears too. The again, I would be afraid to if I was being stalked by a man with a suit and no face. Scary looking thing if I do say so myself.

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