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Chris Smoove's created player as he prepares for a high school basketball game on NBA 2K16

Chris Smoove: The Basketball World Through His Eyes

In a world of gaming in which most of the styles of game playing include action/adventure and RPG gaming, the sports games are an area that do not often get a lot of attention. Usually, they are used for multiplayer purposes or playing with friends, so single player modes are often pushed away.

As a fan of nearly all sports, I thought I would talk about a Youtuber who’s let’s plays often are associated with sports. Chris Smoove is a Youtuber who does some action/adventure gaming, but he is most known for his sports videos.

For this article, I will be covering two videos from his NBA 2K16 Career Mode. One of which will mostly cover him playing a game while the other gives some behind the scenes action on what an individual who plays the game can expect.

For the first video, we cover Smoove’s high school basketball championship game. One thing I noticed about this version of the NBA 2K series is that you can play games as a high school and college player. It has revolutionized the game itself. In the last 2K game, you went right into life after college.

I believe that this new addition to career mode gives the player something more to build off of when it comes to playing in the NBA.

Some of the cutscenes in the game are also quite interesting as his sister and friend are seen interacting before the game.

During the game, we get to hear two of Smoove’s catchphrases that he has been known for. They are “Shot Clock Cheese” and “Splash.” The echo that takes place whenever he says “splash” is perhaps his most well known phrase. The phrases come from whenever he makes a shot on a certain play.

Shot clock cheese is always referenced whenever he makes a shot when beating the buzzer and splash is whenever he makes a three point shot.

The second video covers his decision on what college he will be attending through a live recording. This video allows us to take a look into the career mode when a game is not being played. It focuses on Smoove’s parents, sister, and friend as he prepares to make his decision.

After he has made his decision, his mom talks in an interview about Smoove growing up. This is quite an interesting feature to the game as in the last installment of the game, it was all focused on the player themselves.

After the interview, the video goes straight into the first college basketball game that Smoove plays in. What he notes in the video for this one is that he recognizes the transition from playing in a high school game to a college game and the big difference that it is.

If that is the case, then the producers at 2K Sports did a great job at changing up the tempo and difficulty of the game.

I won’t spoil the outcome of the two games, so you will have to watch and see for yourself. If you are interested in following Chris Smoove’s path to the NBA and beyond, make sure you go subscribe to his channel and watch a dream come true.

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