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Disengaged, Super Deluxe, YouTuber Review
Sidney and Jules as they laugh and celebrate with friends.

Disengaged: A New Web Series on Marriage Equality

On June 26th, 2015 The United States Supreme Court ruled that state-level bans on same sex marriage would be unconstitutional. It was quite a big day for the United States. It really brought about the term marriage for all.

Super Deluxe, which is a YouTube Channel dedicated to videos who “come from funny and smart weirdos just like you.” This channel is dedicated to a various amount of shorts, series, animations, and a smattering of documentaries and music.

One series that I will be taking a look at is rather new. The show is called Disengaged. It follows the life of two women named Sidney and Jules who are currently in a seven year relationship, but due to the current laws cannot get married.

Disengaged begins with Sidney preparing food for some guests. Sidney appears as this sophisticated woman appearing in her best dressed while listening to classical music. Her partner Jules then attempts to seduce her, who I classified as a free spirited woman who likes to have fun.

It is clear that Jules wants to have some fun with Sidney before the guests arrive, much to the annoyance of her partner as she tries to get everything together. It seems as if the couple are at the end of their ropes until their friends arrive chanting “Marriage For All. I Do, I Do.”

This signifies that Disengaged takes place just as it was announced that same sex marriage was ruled unconstitutional. Now it would be legal in all 50 states for couples of the same sex to get married.

The scene then shifts to later on that evening as Sidney, Jules, and their four friends raise their glasses to celebrate. From here, they talk about how great of a time it is for individuals to be able to marry whomever they want.

Sidney starts to feel a bit uncomfortable when one of her friends mentions that if individuals that are in same sex relationships are not getting married, that person is being selfish and that people should not rush into marriage.

As they are eating pie, Sidney states that she and Jules have talked about getting married, in which Jules refutes by saying they have not done so. Jules wants to get married to Sidney, which shocks her.

This, to me, further shows the relationship that Jules and Sidney have. While this is only the pilot episode and not much has gone into detail on their seven-year relationship, it appears as if the idea of marriage was never talked about between the two of them.

This makes it difficult to determine what the other wants. It is not until that part of the episode that it is revealed that Jules does want to marry Sidney. However, Sidney is not certain how it should be done. The fact that they are discussing marriage gives Jules the courage to whisper something in Sidney’s ear.

This causes Sidney to do a double take as she and Jules look into each other. Their other friends are wondering what they are whispering about. As Sidney gets to the point, it is revealed that Jules proposed to her.

The friends begin to cheer and right on the spot begin to plan. However, it appears as if both Jules and Sidney are a bit taken back and have a puzzling look on their faces. To me, that gives me a bit of doubt on how the engagement will play out. The fact that the title of the series is called Disengaged made me wonder, but the expression of Jules and Sidney at the end makes me wonder how this entire series or season will play out.

Are they too different to get married to one another, or is there more to the story? Well, you will have to subscribe to Super Deluxe and find out how the Disengaged story develops.

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