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The Achievement Hunter Guys Can Help You Catch Mew!

Pokémon. Simply reading that word evokes some memory from you. Perhaps you collected the cards, and can fondly remember your favorite holographic. Maybe you watched the anime, and the crazy adventures that Ash and his adorably fierce Pikachu got into. But more likely, you played the video game. When Pokémon Red and Blue were first released, a worldwide phenomenon erupted. Everyone wanted to play, and everyone wanted to complete their Pokédex and Catch ‘Em All.  That was no easy task, to snag all 151 Pokémon. The mad geniuses at Game Shark that created Pokémon specifically designed the games in such a way that it was impossible to catch all of them on your own. Pokémon Red was missing a dozen of these little monsters that Pokémon Blue contained, and vice versa. The very nature of the game forced you to trade with friends to get more and more Pokémon, in hopes of having caught all 151.

There was only one problem. The 151st Pokémon, Mew, was not in the game. He was not in a cave like Mewtwo or any of the other legendaries, he couldn’t be found roaming the wilderness. It was physically impossible to complete the Pokédex. Some kids on the playground bragged that they caught one, that you just have to move a truck within the game and the Pokémon would be lying underneath, ready to challenge you to a battle. Sure, Chad, I believe you. I also believe that your uncle works for Nintendo, and that it’s actually pronounced “Char-Lizard” despite there being no “L” in Charizard. But we all know that Chad is a liar, and that there was no possible way to catch Mew, outside of going to the one-time Nintendo event it was released. That is, until now.

In honor of the 20th Anniversary of Pokémon (yeah, how old do you feel right now?), Nintendo decided to re-release the original games of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow on the 3DS. Not an updated game, mind you, a digital download of the exact same game. All of the glitches and weirdness of the originals is still intact. You can still clone 99 masterballs, and you can still catch Missingno. But more than that…you can catch Mew. The guys over at Achievement Hunter released a short walkthrough explaining just how to catch the long-tailed, pale pink legendary that has evaded us all for years. See, Mew’s data exists in the games, just not physically anywhere you can locate. But by exploiting a glitch that’s apparently been around since the original release, you can trick the game into bringing Mew right to you. It looks like Chad may have been right after all.

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