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Jimmy Tatro, Youtuber Review
Jimmy Tatro as he looks at his options on food.

A Day in the Life of Jimmy Tatro

For some Youtubers, the skits of what life is for some individuals is a good way to go. For Jimmy Tatro, it is a way of life.

Jimmy Tatro, otherwise known as LifeAccordingToJimmy, is one of Youtube’s most subscribed celebrities on the channel. At 2.5 million subscribers, it is no wonder why he is such a huge hit on Youtube today.

He normally shoots videos with his friend Christian Pierce. Not only does Jimmy act in his videos, but he also produces and directs them too. Quite an accomplishment. He has been part of the Youtube Community for about five years now.

Most of Jimmy Tatro’s skits involve character sketches, where he takes the part of some interesting characters and performs skits. Most of them involve Jimmy and Christian, but there have been a variety of special guests that have appeared in the skits including Arielle Vandenburg, Brittany Furlan, Amanda Cerny, Pauly Shore, Romanoski, and others.

While some of the language of the majority of the videos are considered not safe for the work place, Jimmy Tatro’s skits and videos are targeted towards young adults. I have decided to take two videos for this article. The first one is a story of when a Disc Jockey at a recording studio gets a bit too hype with the ad libs.

The focus on this video is an up and coming music artist named Tyler. He is set to finish his first song for his mixtape. As they are getting ready to record, Christian lets him know that a guy from the label to come by to add some “spice” to the track.

Jimmy walks in and introduces himself and they begin to record over the beat. However, as Tyler tries to get a flow going and get started, DJ Jimmy’s ad libs interfere, which frustrates him. As the video goes on, you could tell how frustrated he was getting. It got to the point where he had to ask Christian for some time.

However, by the time it is all said and done, Tyler gives up and leaves the studio. However, it was a ploy by Christian and Jimmy the entire time to get rid of him so that they can record. For some reason, you could tell that it was a ploy the entire time.

In this next skit, we get to see a camera angle that is famous with Jimmy’s videos, and that is the point of view angle. Normally, with his video’s, Christian is the guy who we see from his point of view as Jimmy walks around. This view is often seen when it comes to a party skit that Jimmy writes.

For this video, we see Jimmy hosting a Christmas Party. But he is on edge because he does not recognize the majority of the people at his party. We get to see a variety of characters in this POV video, which is an interesting way to shoot a video.

As the video goes on, you can see that Jimmy is getting even more on edge to the point where he loses it. And he explodes after someone makes a huge mistake.

So, if you would like to see what is going on in Jimmy Tatro’s life, go and subscribe to him, bro.

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