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29 Year-Old Easter Egg Found in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!

I am an old man.  Previous to having an NES, I played the arcade version of Punch-Out in the wilds of Brooklyn, NY as a precocious 5 year-old. Head barely cresting over the joystick console, I consistently whipped Glass Joe and Piston Hurricane before often succumbing to Bald Bull and his Turkish Bull Charge.  Little did I know, nearly 30 years later, dedicated researchers would finally crack the code to determine which exact moment to stymie his bull-charge with a body blow (or –an ‘ani bow’ as I called it as a 5 year-old).



Who says persistence isn’t worth it. Credit here goes to Midwesternhousewives, easily the most obscure YouTuber we’ve ever covered, with a grand total of two subscribers.  But wisdom often comes from where you least expect it.  My 5-year-old self owes you a debt of gratitude, sir.

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