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Cersei’s Wildfire For The Win. [GoT Season Finale SPOILERS]

In case you are new to the Internet and/or Television all at once, there is a fairly massive secret cabal on Reddit dedicated to all things GoT. These cuts aren’t just analysis of tinfoil-hatted fan theories — they include a menagerie of GIFs, wallpaper art, and mashups of everything we just consumed on HBO minutes ago. These cuts go deep — so deep, in fact, that there is an entire subreddit dedicated to a revisionist history in which the Bolton’s still control the North (and long may Ramsey reign.)

Tonight’s winner, according to the YTR staff, however, is a fan-created homage to Overwatch, detailing Cersei’s mega frag of everyone attending the trial at the Great Sept of Baelor (and a few hundred innocent bystanders). Kudos to you, Megsterrz, your play of the game is our pick of the week.

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