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Destiny Fan-Film: Thorn vs The Last Word

Destiny, the FPS-meets-RPG Bungie brainchild (and successor to the Halo franchise) is prominent in gamers’ minds this week with the release of the Rise of Iron expansion. Rise of Iron expands the already hefty lore of Destiny, centering on the backstory of Lord Saladin.

This George Martin-esque scale of lore is built into the Destiny world through Grimoires, fragments of stories that you pick up during your space swashbuckling. One particular series of lore, ‘The Last Word’ inspired a fan-crew to create a short film about the final encounter between redemptive hero Shin Malphur and the dark genocidal gunslinger, Dredgen Yor.

Path of Sorrow is directed by Jack Zimmerman in the classic style of a Spaghetti Western. One can imagine an Ennio Morricone theme behind the stand off, as Dredgen Yor delivers his fatal monologue.

This video was released under a new YouTube channel of the same name. One wonders what other Grimoires will be brought to life by Zimmerman and co.

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