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YouTube Millionaires: PewDiePie’s Rise To Success on YouTube

Some YouTube celebrities have quite the lifestyle since gaining fame. I look at PewDiePie, a successful YouTube gamer, and see how the site changed him.

When YouTube started up in 2005, it was a way for individuals to share their videos to the world. These have normally formed in the ways of school projects, daily vlogs, and video game let’s plays.

Various individuals have helped YouTube expand to others around the world with their videos and promotions. In return, if your videos contain original content, the site can provide advertising revenue to your videos. This helps promote anything that the ad is trying to sell and in return can put some money in pockets.

For PewDiePie, YouTube helped him become one of the most successful channels in the site’s history. With over 55 million subscribers, he has become quite a success for himself through YouTube.

Felix Kjellberg, which is his real name, runs perhaps the most successful YouTube gaming channel in the world. The various types of games that he plays vary. From your well known crime games like Grand Theft Auto Five, to horror games like Five Nights at Freddy’s, his game playing category is endless.

He has also provided songs and animation videos for subscribers that are not into the video game material.

When PewDiePie first started he was working at a hot dog stand to help fund his videos. He struggled at the onset of the channel once he dropped out of college to spend time on his channel. In response to the drop out, his parents stopped supporting him financially. He was able to save up and in one year make enough to stop selling hotdogs. Now he is known as one of the most richest YouTube celebrities. As of 2017, his current net worth is $18 million. In year’s past, he has made anywhere from $12 million to $20 million. He was Luxatic’s most richest YouTuber in their list of Top 14 Richest YouTube Celebrities.



What does PewDiePie do with the money he obtains from YouTube? Well, while some buy fancy cars, PewDiePie revealed that he bought an older Nissan Model, according to his video (which has since been deleted) and Heavy’s Top Five things to know about PewDiePie. He is also not a very public person for the most part, as he focuses on keeping life outside of his channel private. He does not even sit for interviews or meets up with YouTuber’s in Los Angeles.

What is even cooler is that he does not let the financial amount get to his head. In fact, Gazette Review revealed that PewDiePie has donated millions of dollars to various amounts of charities. This is quite phenomenal. While PewDiePie has gained fame, the fortune has not gotten to his head.

With some of his vast fortunes, PewDiePie has helped write a book, create his own app on smart phones, and even has his own television series on YouTube Red called “Scare PewDiePie.” It is amazing to see how much success he has from just keeping up the dream.

From a hotdog seller to one of the richest YouTube celebrities, it is safe to say PewDiePie is doing really well for himself. Keep up the success!

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