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The Top 5 Sexy Evan Fong Fan Art Drawings

Vanoss Gaming is ascendant.  With over 20 million followers, the Vanoss collective gains in power, prestige and celebrity. By 2020, it may even challenge the Pewds Bro collective for highest subscriber count. The front man for this collective is Evan Fong, the laid back alpha of the Vanoss Colletive — the Ed Chen of the VC firm, as it were.

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Being the face man for a media entity has its perks.  Fong has an estimated net worth of $1 million, drives fancy cars, and ostensibly plays video games with his friends for a living.  However, with internet stardom, comes admirers — and some with a modicum of artistic talent.

What follows could be considered Yaoi, the Japanese artform devoted to boy love (as popularized by the Tweek x Craig South Park episode).  It could also be considered ‘slash fiction.’


So, without further ado, we present the Top 5 Sexy Fan Art Renderings of Evan Fong:

Number 5: Owl Boi

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This depiction, by Tumblr artist, Eviterri, is reminiscent of an ancient mystical demi-god — perhaps the Egyptian bird-God Horus is an influence.  While an owl is the official mascot of Vanoss (and an ancient symbol of wisdom) the association between the two is a bit unclear.  It may have to do with an owl’s appearance in an early Vanoss animation — a recording of a let’s play animated after the fact:

Number 4: Guitar Charmer

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Submitted by Vault526, the Guitar charmer places Evan in his natural habitat, effortlessly charming ladies with his magical instrument.

Number 3: Owl Boi Portraits

Evan Fong, Vanoss, Tumblr, fan art, youtuber review

Part of a series of Owl Boi renderings by Tenacious Bouquet, these close-ups really give you a vantage into Owl-Boi’s confused soul. Is he owl, or boi?

Number 2: Evan Ripping His Shirt Off

Evan Fong, sexy, fan art, tumblr, youtuber review, vanoss

Getting right down to it is Tumblr user BananaBusSquadron. Here, Evan, in human form, is flaunting both his strength and financial prowess, as he remains carefree while destroying an expensive Abercrombie top.

Number 1: Hooters Boy

Evan Fong, sexy, youtube, tumblr, fan art, youtuber review, vanoss

He’s a Hooters boy — because owl — get it?  A pun-tastic entry by xrainbowdrawx, we see the natural evolution of Evan’s flirtation with Owldom — relegated to hula-hooping and probably roller skating around for all means of predatory customers.  It’s tough, being a Vanoss icon.


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