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About Moonshine

As a founding member of YoutuberReview.com, Moonshine’s importance in society can’t be overlooked, even by the youngest or most vulnerable Youtuber in the world.

Many a mighty king have cried to his divine inspired prose written about Rhett and Link’s Good Mythical Morning and Smosh.  It has been said that no words can describe his words, and this author must concur.

Including English, he’s not fluent in any languages, which usually is a barrier to being a writer but, hell, this is the Internet and anyone can be an author.  By being friends with people who “know about websites and sh*t”, as he says, Moonshine has been able to ride the coattails of others and get onto the web.

His lowbrow charm has risen to an unprecedented mediumbrow level as he seeks enlightenment by engaging in the endless ethereal of YouTube videos.

Day after day, and night after night, Moonshine tirelessly avoids actual work in favor of watching new and old channels for the sole purpose of educating the masses.

Learning typing skills early in life, he couldn’t wait for the Internet’s creation to start writing about Youtubers.

In fact, he sought out the best stock from orphanages around the world to find, then raise and train the next generation of entertainers.  He started by adopting Ryan Higa, AKA NigaHiga, at an early age and guided his development to reach the highest levels of comedic timing and video editing*.

Since then, Moonshine has devoted 100% of his life to reviewing, commenting and shamelessly top-10ing the best and funniest YouTube channels**.

Mostly due to a lack of creativity, that even psychedelic drugs can’t ignite, he sticks to a Buzzfeed like mentality of easy-to-read-no-apologies lists of the best, worse, grossest and funniest videos.  (And you hate yourself every morning because you love this kind of stuff…)

While his wit does have bounds, his quest for the hottest and newest stars of New Media does not.

We’ve entered a new era in entertainment where the big networks and studios no longer have a monopoly on talent.  Every day, there are new Youtubers popping up.  Whether its Shay Carl on the Shaytards channel or The Fine Bros, Moonshine is checking them all out.

YouTube is an amazing vehicle for everyday folks to make a living doing something they enjoy.  YouTubers can make some serious coin like PewDiePie.  Moonshine loves this model dearly and would love nothing else than to make folks like Stampylongnose a household name and forget about Tom Cruise.

While not as cerebral as Dr LaserFalcon (but, who is??), Moonshine does spend up to 9-12% of his time thinking of ways to write about his favorite Youtubers – all for the reading pleasure of YoutuberReviewers.  Perhaps in only princess snugglebunny is there a more passionate reviewer of all things YouTube.

He hopes that each viewer takes a little of part him with each article.  And for the reader’s convenience, he has prioritized parts and currently on ‘liver’.


*Not true at all. A total lie.

**Only kinda true…if we’re really honest, it’s like 9-12%.