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Thoughts On YouTube Gaming From YouTube Gamers

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YouTube Gaming has been out for approximately two years and the consensus differs from person to person. From the audience to the gamers, ‘YouTube Gaming has definitely had a significant impact on the position fo Let’s Play gaming in the digital world.   YouTube, the conglomerate that it is, obviously holds the alpha position for online video tied with ad revenue. Within ...

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6 Youtubers Who Have Been In Feature Films


YouTube has become a launching pad for many of its content creators. Consciously or not, YouTube is now a catalyst for success in other mediums for a lot of it’s top talents. From artists like Justin Bieber and Austin Mahone to Filmmakers such as Freddie Wong (Video Game High School) and Sawyer Hartman it has enabled people the opportunities to breach into ...

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PewDiePie’s New Game ‘Legend of The Brofist’!


Felix Kjellberg, *cough* I mean  Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie, aka statistically the world’s favorite foul mouth, barrel despising, 25-year-old Swedish Let’s Play gamer on YouTube. Felix currently holds the top spot on YouTube with enough subscribers to match the population of Malaysia, twice. Leading the consistent content creator community with 38 million subs strong and going and going and going, and impressively coining 300 million views within ...

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