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5 things I learned following YouTube superstar CaptainSparklez on Twitter

Follow CaptainSparklez on Twitter!

For those who are not familiar with CaptainSparklez, his YouTube channel – also named CaptainSparklez – has over 8.5 million subscribers who adore his work and him very hard.  As one of those millions of subscribers, I normally get my daily Sparklez Fix through his YouTube videos but at some point, I felt like it was not enough.  I needed ...

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When CaptainSparklez crushed the original artists on YouTube: TNT – Minecraft parody of Taio Cruz’s Dynamite

CaptainSparklez Jordon Maron

In our days of parodies and remixes, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that sometimes the parody is more loved than the original.  Here are some parody songs that CaptainSparklez did better than the original artists – and some that he didn’t, according to Youtubers. CaptainSparklez, whose real name is Jordan Maron, released TNT (a parody of Taio ...

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POLL: Who is the hottest Minecraft Youtuber?

Let's Play Minecraft

Come on folks, time to find out how is the video game geek we all secretly like! Take our scientific poll below! Don’t forget to check out this poll.

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GALLERY: DanTDM’s Pug Life

It's time for TheDiamondMinecart's pug show!

Check out my most favorite cute pugs photos in the world with DanTDM’s favorite fur babies!

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