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Epic Meal Time: Creating Meals From Your Dreams

Epic Meal Time

The Epic Meal Time crew is led by Harley Morenstein, who is famously known as The Sauce Boss. His crew of Dave Heuff, Josh “Epic Mook”, and Ameer Atari create epic meals that are expanded and look perhaps 100 times the actual size of the food in question. If you have a favorite breakfast, lunch, or dinner dish, it is ...

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Prank vs. Prank: Couples Who Prank Together Stay Together

Prank vs. Prank Jesse and Jeana

Taking a break from Let’s Plays for this article, I have decided to go into another realm in the YouTube Community. Some couples today like to do fun things together. However, one couple decided to take their fun for pranks on each other and show the entire world. The Youtube channel Prank vs. Prank follows the longtime couple of Jesse ...

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Thundershot69’s Adventures with Sonic


Some gamers might remember the excellent games that Nintendo and Sega came out with when most of us were just kids just getting introduced to the gaming world. We had characters like Mario, Luigi, Link, Donkey Kong, Pikachu to name a few. However, one Youtuber in the let’s play universe decided to bring us back to the world of Sega ...

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Team Four Star Gaming: Saving the World with Batman

TFS, Team Four Star, Arkham Knight, Dragonball Z

When you think of Team Four Star, the first thing that comes to a lot of Youtuber’s minds is the famous abridged series with Dragonball Z. However, what you may not know from the cast of Team Four Star lead by Scott “Kaiserneko” Frerichs is that they play games new and old in a variety of different ways. While some ...

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