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Ark: Survival Re-evolved – FrankieOnPC and Cyber Darwinism

Ark, FrankieonPC, Vodka Villains

The last time we investigated the next-gen survival beta known as Ark: Survival Evolved, we found ourselves in an idyllic world of Jurassic Minecraft, consisting mostly of beachfront bungalow communities. Players lived a simple life of hunting and gathering thatch and stone, that they might put a Gilligan-esque coconut roof over their heads before the moon rose to unleashed ancient ...

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FRANKIEonPCin1080P And the Art of Medieval Griefing

Reign of Kings, FrankieonPCin1080P, Conan, Sada, Griefing

Of LPers, there are several different species. There are the pack hunters (see Vanoss), the loony bins (see PewDiePie), the harpies (see Markiplier), and the LPer genus who are actually skilled gamers. For the most part, these are ‘achievement hunters,’ waiting to be recognized by their favored message board or subreddit for completing a daring timed Ocarina of Time run. ...

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