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Sl1pg8r and Pungence Play House in ‘Who’s Your Daddy?’

Who's Your Daddy, YouTuber Review, Sl1pg8r, Pungence, PvP, Steam

In the nouveau media culture, a YouTuber can have a million devotees (read: channel subscribes) and still be completely unknown to the gaming community at large — much less the YouTube viewing community. ┬áSo it was with little surprise that I came across Sl1pg8r, another burgeoning star I’d never heard of who’s about to surpass one million subscribers. Sl1pg8r, was ...

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Ark: Survival Re-evolved – FrankieOnPC and Cyber Darwinism

Ark, FrankieonPC, Vodka Villains

The last time we investigated the next-gen survival beta known as Ark: Survival Evolved, we found ourselves in an idyllic world of Jurassic Minecraft, consisting mostly of beachfront bungalow communities. Players lived a simple life of hunting and gathering thatch and stone, that they might put a Gilligan-esque coconut roof over their heads before the moon rose to unleashed ancient ...

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Ark: Survival Evolved – Punching the Forest for the Trees

Ark: Survival Evolved, Jurassic World, Minecraft, Blitzkriegsler

Ark: Survival Evolved, or Jurassic Minecraft, is the newest in an iteration of survival games that pits man against his environment in an all out bid for dominance over flora and fauna. Punching trees, rocks, shrubs, and prehistoric creatures gives the player a cache of supplies with which to build fire, shelter, clothing, and plasma rifles, in that order. Yeoman ...

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