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Good Mythical More – 4 Things I Would NEVER Do With Rhett and Link!!


On Rhett and Link‘s show, Good Mythical Morning, they do many stunts and discuss hilarious subjects to entertain their audience. As funny as these stunts and subjects are, some of them are also quite daring and gross. So much so that I wouldn’t even consider doing some of them myself. This article delves into these types of stunts and discussions but in the case of their after show, Good Mythical ...

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Exclusive Stampy NSFW Fail Collection-CC Gone Wrong w/ Minecraft’s Fav LP’er


Only here will you see Stampy’s NSFW closed captioning fails!! If you’ve done any perusing on our lovely site, YoutuberReview.com, you’ve come to know that we dig long and hard for some wacky stuff.  The Wonder Quest fail comes to mind, of course.  But, there is sooooooo much more, especially with Stampy, one of the interwebs favorite LP Minecrafter.  Even ...

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GMM Recap- Testing the Butter Cutter with Rhett and Link on Good Mythical Morning


Thursday on Good Mythical Morning brings us the weekly viewer mail.  And, with this being so close to Mother’s Day, we are entertained with a motherly theme with Testing the Butter Cutter. What does everyone have in common?  Well, Rhett poses this question to Link and without missing a beat, he say, “hairy armpits.” With a snarky snap down from ...

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GMM Recap: The Unluckiest Man on Earth- Rhett & Link’s Good Mythical Morning


In today’s installment of Good Mythical Morning called The Unluckiest Man on Earth, Rhett and Link take us through a couple of folks that seemingly have a life long string of bad luck.  This is not titled well as the first person is a woman.  Boys, don’t get sexist on us! We start off with Jeanne Rogers, whose first run ...

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GMM- The Instagram Song (You Can’t Zoom In) from Rhett & Link on Good Mythical Morning

Songbiscuits from Rhett and Link on GMM- Good Mythical Morning

This weekend Rhett and Link joined up with Tay Zonday to create a song called The Instagram Song (You Can’t Zoom In) as part of their weekly Songbiscuits YouTube video. If you don’t know Tay Zonday, born Adam Nyerere Bahner, he rose to fame with Chocolate Rain back in 2007.  The 32 year old Zonday has parlayed that one song ...

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GMM Recap: Ultimate Juice Test – Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning

rhett and link ultimate juice test -gmm - good mythical morning

Ever wonder how someone would react to Garlic Durian juice?  Well, Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning gives us the lovely pleasure of watching their faces contort in this week’s Ultimate Juice Taste Test on their GMM channel. We start off with the boys from North Carolina going through the rules, which are fairly straightforward: there’s 6 rounds where ...

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Good Mythical Morning- 10 things I wish I could do with GMM’s Rhett and Link

GMM YouTube chanel - Rhett and Link

Ladies and gents, peeps and squeaks…boy, do I have a great list for you today! Everyone should know by now how awesome Rhett and Link are from Good Mythical Morning.  GMM has set a standard in Youtuber quality and production continues to improve. This duo is a pair that has embraced corporate sponsorship like Toyota Camry.  I applaud them for ...

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GMM’s Ice Cream Cone Party Hat – Rhett and Link on Good Mythical Morning

GMM Ice cream cone party hat

Party time on Thursday!  Today’s Good Mythical Morning from Rhett and Link covers off on reader mail, as they do every week.  This week’s GMM Ice Cream Cone Party Hat episode takes us through party survival tips. They get tremendous satisfaction from educating the masses and today is no exception! We lead off with a question from a fan asking ...

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GALLERY: GMM’s Ice Cream Cone Party Hat – Rhett and Link on Good Mythical Morning

Rhett's Bugle hat from GMM

For today’s installment from GMM, we get lots of advice and tips for even the most savviest party goer. Definitely not an episode to miss.  Check out Ice Cream Cone Party Hat here, or take a look at my recap on Youtuber Review.

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GMM’s Weirdest Things Found in Toilets

GMM's Weirdest Things Found in Toilets - Rhett and Link on Good Mythical Morning

In “Weirdest Things Found in Toilets” from Good Mythical Morning, Rhett and Link find some really gnarly and quite interesting “things” in toilets around the world. For anyone without the time to watch this latest video, posted a mere 8 hours ago, or stuck on some crappy Wi-Fi and can’t stream, let me be the one to take you through ...

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