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The Markiplier Dream.exe: Dave Coulier Syndrome

Markiplier, LP, Indie Games, Dream

Casually delving into a maze of mirrors is a dangerous pastime. In attempting to cover Markiplier, the LP community’s baritone idiot-sage, I first staggered into his Join me on an Adventure! | Dream.exe Markiplier Fan Game Part 1. A video in which he LPs a game designed for him, specifically. Dream.exe (created by DecreeB of Recalibrate Games) features Markiplier, himself, ...

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PewDiePie, Super Mario 64, Supernatural, and Depravity – Sam and Dean, Dean and Sam

Super Mario 64, PEWDIEPIE

PewDiePie (aka Felix Kjellberg) is the pied piper of the YouTube ‘let’s play’ genre, in which a captive (and massive) audience tunes in daily to watch him play through platform scrollers, horror games and anything that will evoke his signature ear-piercing, Swedish squawk. YouTuber Alyce Rocha aptly dubs his modus operandi: “Pewdiepie – a man that can make any innocent ...

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