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Jacques: The Ultimate Sidekick from JonTron

JonTron‘s gaming and occasional movie reviews often have a dreamlike quality to them. Very few have an actual ending, rather they have an abrupt or surreal sequence to signify that Jon is fed up with whatever he is reviewing. Each episode is a capsule on it’s own; very few follow any continuing timeline aside from the two main characters, Jon ...

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Best YouTube Songs from Ryan Higa’s Nigahiga Channel

Ryan Higa from HigaTV doing Bromance

Another day, another list for y’all!! Let’s explore Ryan Higa’s channel on YouTube, found affectionately under the username Nigahiga.  He’s the Hawaiian born entertainer with fast talking skills that pay the bills. At a wise-old age of 24, his comedy style can be both juvenile and insightful at times, but you always find at least something to smile about in ...

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GALLERY: DanTDM’s Pug Life

It's time for TheDiamondMinecart's pug show!

Check out my most favorite cute pugs photos in the world with DanTDM’s favorite fur babies!

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