The Top 10 Things You Need to Know About the New Pokemon Gym System

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The much-heralded PokemonGO gym revamp has been live for about 48 hours now, and it has already completely changed the nature of gym assault & defense, and the coin/stardust economies. Let’s go over the major changes. 1) Six Unique Pokemon Fill a Gym Now – The days of filling a gym with six Blisseys, two Snorlax, and a two Dragonites are ...

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The Top 5 Sexy Evan Fong Fan Art Drawings

Vanoss Gaming is ascendant.  With over 20 million followers, the Vanoss collective gains in power, prestige and celebrity. By 2020, it may even challenge the Pewds Bro collective for highest subscriber count. The front man for this collective is Evan Fong, the laid back alpha of the Vanoss Colletive — the Ed Chen of the VC firm, as it were. ...

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YouTube Millionaires: PewDiePie’s Rise To Success on YouTube

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Some YouTube celebrities have quite the lifestyle since gaining fame. I look at PewDiePie, a successful YouTube gamer, and see how the site changed him. When YouTube started up in 2005, it was a way for individuals to share their videos to the world. These have normally formed in the ways of school projects, daily vlogs, and video game let’s ...

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Changing Family Rolemodels: Shaytards, FGTeeV, & Youtubers On Society

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Role models from traditional TV shows like Full House, Let It To Beaver, and at one point, The Cosby Show, could be a distant memory with the rise of YouTube and families like Shay Carl and FGTeeV showcasing their families how they’d like. Is this something that is good or bad…or does it matter? First, let’s look at families over ...

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Let’s Play and the Rise and Fall of Gaming on Youtube

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  If you’re reading this page then you’ve probably heard of Let’s Play videos. If you haven’t then you’re not alone. Let’s Play videos are rising in popularity at breakneck speed and their creators have become some of Youtube’s most recognizable faces.   Let’s Play YouTube creators have become the internet’s newly rich and the YouTube community’s newly famous stars. ...

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Thoughts On YouTube Gaming From YouTube Gamers

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YouTube Gaming has been out for approximately two years and the consensus differs from person to person. From the audience to the gamers, ‘YouTube Gaming has definitely had a significant impact on the position fo Let’s Play gaming in the digital world.   YouTube, the conglomerate that it is, obviously holds the alpha position for online video tied with ad revenue. Within ...

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10 Youtubers Who Are Actively Killing the Concept of Movies

One of the great things about Youtube is that you can watch it anywhere there’s internet access. In bed, on the couch, or even in the bushes outside your ex’s house while you wait for them to come home. However before Youtube there was something called movies. These “movies” were typically shown only in gigantic rooms where you were forced ...

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Holiday Survival Fuel – As Delivered By Ivan Drago

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With the passing of Thanksgiving (and really, the passing of Halloween) we are now fully interred in Holiday Season — the time we are encouraged to live at our local department stores because Capitalist Santa defeated Socialist Hippie Jesus in the annals of history — as recorded by South Park 20 years ago:   So those of us who would ...

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Best of Epic Rap Battles of History

epic rap battles of history

To celebrate the release of the much anticipated Epic Rap Battles of History Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton – and yes, to celebrate passionately the bitter rivalry in 2016 Presidential Election, too – here are some of the best epic rap battles by popular YouTube channel, ERB.   Darth Vader vs Hitler. Epic Rap Battles of History Uploaded date: 11/10/2010 ...

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Destiny Fan-Film: Thorn vs The Last Word

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Destiny, the FPS-meets-RPG Bungie brainchild (and successor to the Halo franchise) is prominent in gamers’ minds this week with the release of the Rise of Iron expansion. Rise of Iron expands the already hefty lore of Destiny, centering on the backstory of Lord Saladin. Destiny: Rise of Iron officially announced. Coming Sept. 20th for $30. — Destiny INTEL ...

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