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First it was a penis garden, and now boobs...for the hearing impaired, this isn't a great show!

Wonder Quest Fail #2 – Stampy’s new show features CaptianSparklez and a big bust


Another fail from Stampy’s new Wonder Quest show!!  This time it’s the 4th episode called Wonder Quest – Episode 4 – STAMPY’S MINECRAFT SHOW | Stampylonghead, CaptainSparklez.

In this episode CaptainSparklez joins the cast for some fun times with Minecraft.  It’s a wonderful show, and we are actually fans of Wonder Quest, especially our lovely princess snugglebunny.

If you recall from our first fail article, we tweeted to Stampy and his team and definitely got their attention.  The very next day, the closed captioning was taken down from the trailer.

Well, I guess they didn’t quite pay attention to this week’s show because, lo and behold, there is another fail!

Maybe it’s not as salacious but, hey, we’re lowbrow here and thought Wonder Quest talking about boobs was funny :)


Perhaps he’s looking for some big boobs in the sky??

Enjoy our little tribute below!!

No doubt this will be removed too but don’t worry, Youtuber Review, has captured it all and will be happy to post for y’all.

To conclude, should you have kiddies at home, definitely check out Wonder Quest.  It’s a great show.  But, just make sure the captions are turned off!



And if you are looking for all latest in Wonder Quest fail, turn on the captions in the vid below around the 2:38 mark.


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