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Anna Clendening
General view of Anna Clendening as she performs her cover of the song Jealous by Labrinth.

Anna Clendening: A Woman With Musical Talents

Music has a way of connecting people together and I decided for this next article on YouTuber Review to talk about an individual who has perhaps one of the most beautiful voices that I have ever heard.

For those of you who do not know who Anna Clendening is, she was a contestant on Season Nine of America’s Got Talent, where she made it to the quarterfinals. Since then, she has appeared on the social media site Vine and shares six second covers of her singing and funny videos on her daily life.

She made her way to YouTube and decided to share some of her covers of songs. Clendening also does videos where she interviews family members as well as videos that range from makeup tutorials to challenges for her viewers. And while she has a little over 200,000 subscribers, there is no doubt she is one of the most well known individuals today.

For this article, I will share three videos. The only reason because I would like to share with everyone who reads this article just how talented Anna Clendening is when it comes to singing. But in order to keep with the article, I will share a few of her other videos as well.

So, for the first video, Anna dives back into her past and reads some old Facebook messages. Watching this video made me laugh and it also got me thinking about back and reading some of my old messages.

Some of the key things to point out in this video is her use of the voices. Impersonating herself from back when the message was sent as well as the individuals that she talks to via Facebook messaging. Reading those messages makes her think back, including how she broke up with a guy and he showed no response as well as her open and honest response to a friend that she was fighting with at the time.

For the next video, she interviewed two year old Rylie, who is a friend of hers. This was perhaps one of the better videos that I have ever seen on YouTube. As a sports writer, interviewing individuals can be a tough task sometimes but Anna Clendening’s interview takes the cake here.

As Anna is trying to ask Rylie questions, a good amount of the time she either does not answer or is too distracted with the environment around her to answer. However, some of the answers that Rylie has for Anna are quite funny and adorable. When asked about World Peace, she holds up a Rice Cake up to the camera. According to Rylie, the meaning of life is Uno. And she thinks getting married at 18 is too young.

I give credit to Anna for trying her best to interview Rylie. It was actually a great attempt. What actually makes this video even funnier is the questions that Anna asks her. Normally for her age, those are questions that a two year old would not think about. So, kudos to Anna for perhaps one of the greater interviews that I have seen.

Now the final video will be of her singing. In this one she covers Jealous by Labrinth. It was actually quite a beautiful song and Anna does a perfect job on it. Her voice is quite remarkable and you can tell that she puts her heart and soul into every song that she does. I believe that one day, we will be seeing her in places other than Vine and YouTube in the near future.

This is one woman that is going to make it far. I, for one, am looking forward to hearing more music and watching her videos. If you agree with me, hit that subscribe button. Good luck Anna Clendening. Hope you make it to the big time.

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