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Stalking LeVar: A Gloriously Goofy Series

Most shows on YouTube feel a bit…stale. The jokes are old, the characters unlikable and the plot overdone. Sometimes it feels like you’re watching an actor’s reel, or a writer pitching their show to a network. Most of the time, you watch the pilot and don’t even bother watching another episode.

Stalking LeVar is none of those things. This original series is a breath of fresh air, and had me hooked from the start. Megan and Heidi are obsessed with Levar Burton, and are making it their life mission to meet him someday. Each episode follows them in their quest, but happily gets sidetracked by other problems like love, losing a friend, and intermittent temporary face blindness.

But it’s not just the two leads, every character feels so honest, as if they were plucked from reality and thrust onto your screen. The dialogue flows like a gentle river; the story glides so quickly to the finish line you’ll have to watch the next episode immediately.

That’s the only problem I have with this show, each episode feels a little too short, and I’m left wanting more. The first season, sadly, was only four episodes. I feared it would go the way of many new webseries, fading away into obscurity. So you can understand my excitement when I checked my YouTube subscriptions last week and realized that a new episode had been posted! Stalking LeVar is back, and it’s better than ever. The first episode of the season was a musical episode, and a damn good one at that. The camerawork and audio quality has improved in the second season, and it feels like the show in general has tightened up, the jokes flow quicker and there doesn’t seem to be any dead air. I highly recommend checking out this show, I’ll be stalking their channel each Monday until the next episode drops!



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