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About princess snugglebunny

princess snugglebunny was found, wandering among the deepest forest of Mt. Emei in China, by her adoptive family, the Clan of Giant Feral Rabbits.  Giant Feral Rabbits were the product of a secret experiment done by Chinese Government back in 1960’s.  However, two competing political factions at the time could not reach an agreement whether to weaponize rabbits against the enemy or to make them big and meaty for an easy and plentiful food source for people of China.  This unfortunate indecision resulted in the creation of a rare breed of giant rabbits, super aggressive and very intelligent – I heard this part was a total mistake – that eventually broke free from the facility and made their own sanctuary in the holy mountain of Emei.

Clan accepted the girl as one of their own, despite very obvious lack of long ears, fangs and tail, and raised her well.  Unfortunately, an undisclosed incident, that she was allegedly responsible for, caused mild panic and annoyance among local monks community.  The wise Elder Matriarch Bunny thought that it was time for princess snugglebunny to be among her kind – and stop bothering those poor monks.

In America, princess snugglebunny learned to eat, drink and play video games like a 7th year senior in college.  Furthermore, she learned the existence of YouTube, the magical place where gazillions of people, who are dying to share, can be seen by even more gazillions of people who are dying for entertainment.  She has spent countless hours roaming aimlessly from one hilarious video to the next weird-but-fascinating one.  Some of her favorite channels include, not but limited to, stampylonghead – the Minecraft cat character who is described as “a bigger, brighter, better version” of Joseph Garrett, CaptainSparklez – the gentleman who made black/gray shirts and green gym shorts hot and DanTDM – you gotta check out his fur babies at his Instagram account!  (Or, you can just read what I wrote about them here)

princess snugglebunny now works full time at YoutuberReviewer.com with Dr.Laserfalcon and Moonshine .  She thinks they sometimes act like they have a stick up their bums but they’re overall good guys.  With 300 hours of videos being uploaded to YouTube every minute, she won’t run out of things to talk about anytime soon.

“Thousand lives to the wise elder matriarch bunny!”