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Wonder Quest – Stampy’s new YouTube channel – is a wondrous way to learn!

Stampy Wonder Quest - part 1

“I wonder if Wonder Quest is any good,” you may have wondered.  Well, wonder no more because this bunny checked it out for you already! Wonder Quest is a kind-of-brand-new YouTube channel show that stars our beloved Stampy Cat and his favorite k-9 buddy, Barnaby.  The focus is clearly on kids and I have to say that the show is ...

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Wonder Quest Fail Taken Down!!! See Original Unedited Here


We at YoutuberReview.com broke the recent not-really-a-scandal scandal about the mishap of auto-captioning Stampy’s new show, Wonder Quest.  This fail went unnoticed for three weeks on their official YouTube channel – over 1 million views at the time…until, that is, we happened by. Having reached out to Stampy via his Twitter, we apparently got through and they took down the ...

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GALLERY: New Smosh Trailer for EVERY [BLANK] EVER


  Here’s are full gallery on the latest Smosh trailer. Check out the new Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox show that knows no bounds on EVERY [BLANK] EVER. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Google+!! www.facebook.com/youtuberreview www.twitter.com/youtuberrevu plus.google.com/+Youtuberreview        

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New Smosh Show! EVERY [BLANK] EVER (Trailer)-Check out Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox


Looks like Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox are getting ready for their new Smosh show with this trailer called EVERY [BLANK] EVER.  If you have 30 seconds, watch the quick clip below. To date, and the video was only posted on May 7, 2015, so it’s been 2 days – there’s already almost 800,000 views.  Clearly, there are many Smosh ...

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GMM Recap- Testing the Butter Cutter with Rhett and Link on Good Mythical Morning


Thursday on Good Mythical Morning brings us the weekly viewer mail.  And, with this being so close to Mother’s Day, we are entertained with a motherly theme with Testing the Butter Cutter. What does everyone have in common?  Well, Rhett poses this question to Link and without missing a beat, he say, “hairy armpits.” With a snarky snap down from ...

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Wonder Quest Fail- Stampy’s & Shay Carl’s Penis Garden Caption

Wonder Quest Trailer Fail- Stampy Penis Garden

Oh man, do I have an exclusive for y’all!!! Wonder Quest Fail Big Time!  Wonder Quest is the new animated series from Joseph Garrett.  It’s an educational series that really is awesome for the little ones. And, everyone loves Stampy, who grew to fame with his Minecraft Let’s Play (LP) on YouTube. Seriously, he’s awesome and we are fans of him, ...

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GMM Recap: The Unluckiest Man on Earth- Rhett & Link’s Good Mythical Morning


In today’s installment of Good Mythical Morning called The Unluckiest Man on Earth, Rhett and Link take us through a couple of folks that seemingly have a life long string of bad luck.  This is not titled well as the first person is a woman.  Boys, don’t get sexist on us! We start off with Jeanne Rogers, whose first run ...

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GALLERY: Jordan Maron’s Silly Selfies from His CaptainSparklez’s Instagram Account

Jordan Maron's many funny sellfies

I love him. You love him. (seeing as you are here, eh?) Millions of people love him. (8,578,445 to be exact according to number of subscribers for his YouTube Channel, CaptainSparklez) So, let’s all enjoy some silly selfies of Jordan Maron that only hardcore fans would find adorable!! Disclaimer: Descriptions for the images are 100% speculative opinion of this bunny, and in ...

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Smosh Games (LP): SPIDERS ON OUR FACES!! (Gametime w/ Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox

SPIDERS ON OUR FACES Gametime Smosh Games on Oculus Rift

In my first Let’s Play, I’m looking at Smosh Game’s Spider’s on Our Faces! that takes us through Don’t Let Go on the Oculus Rift. If you haven’t heard, Facebook acquired Oculus Rift for a cool $2 billion, and there has been much speculation about what the final product will be.  There’s been rumors and delays but at least we ...

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GMM- The Instagram Song (You Can’t Zoom In) from Rhett & Link on Good Mythical Morning

Songbiscuits from Rhett and Link on GMM- Good Mythical Morning

This weekend Rhett and Link joined up with Tay Zonday to create a song called The Instagram Song (You Can’t Zoom In) as part of their weekly Songbiscuits YouTube video. If you don’t know Tay Zonday, born Adam Nyerere Bahner, he rose to fame with Chocolate Rain back in 2007.  The 32 year old Zonday has parlayed that one song ...

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